How DNA is stored and replicated

In this amazing video, it is demonstrated how our DNA is packed inside the microscopic space of our cells’ nucleus.

That’s 6 feet of precious DNA coiled, twisted and looped just to be stored in a space so small, so microscopic, a grain of sand would not fit in it! This is achieved by molecules called histones. This protein molecules aid in the coiling, wrapping and looping of the DNA so that it can be stored inside every cell of our body.

Just imagine, 6 feet of DNA in every single cell. And in your fingertip, billions of cells could be found already! Nature is simply amazing.

The second part of the video features a computer animation of how DNA is replicated or copied. DNA replication is a foundation of almost every body process from protein synthesis to cell replication during growth or tissue repair.

Do you have questions about DNA? DNA replication and other related stuff? Feel free to ask them in the comments thread below and I’ll answer them to the best of my geekyness! 😀

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