Hotmail will remain Hotmail, Live Hotmail that is

Back in December, I wrote about how Microsoft has made rather discreet upgrades to their free e-mail service, Hotmail. It was in preparation for its supposed transition into the new Windows Live Mail brand.

Three days ago, Microsoft have made a turn-around and decided not to push through with the upgrade of Hotmail into Windows Live Mail, rather they decided to stick with the Hotmail brand and renamed the up coming new service to “Windows Live Hotmail.”

For once Micosoft has listened to its customers and did them a favor. Or was it done to keep what’s left of their e-mail service’s user-base? Fearing that customers may get confused with the names and leave the service all together, they simply decided to keep the brand name that those who have chosen to stay behind had come to love, while others have left for better services offered by Yahoo! and Google.

Again the question that whether these changes and upgrades to the service would attract new users and win back old ones remains a big one. Will Hotmail catch up to Yahoo! Mail and Gmail?

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  1. I only keep my Hotmail account for Windows related stuff especially for Windows Messenger.

    Like arvin, I prefer Yahoo because mails get sent and received much faster than Hotmail.

  2. I'm currently using Windows Live Mail and I must say I'm enjoying their service. Well, primarily also because I mapped my domain into the mail service so MSN's sending my email for me while it's still tagged with I haven't seen any difference in the labels though. Not Hotmail words around the Live Mail interface.

    Nice blog! Keep it up! I'll go add you to my blogroll. I've been meaning to for the longest time but can't find time to make a custom button.

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