Hosting Facebook: A Real Test for Cloud Computing

cloud computing diagram
Maybe until Facebook is hosted on a cloud, will then I will make the jump. If they can handle the workload which according to FB’s Jonathan Heiliger, vice president of technical operations:

More 400 million members, needs to carry out 50 million or more operations per second and handle more than 1 million photos per second.

Cloud computing, where all your files, data and the software you use to manipulate it are all in hosted in the internet, is the latest craze in the server world.

Those who offer such services harp that it would save your business tons of money where instead of setting up your own IT department and infrastructure, hiring workers to oversee and manage it, you just outsource all of it in exchange for a monthly or yearly fee.

And a lot of web services has started to jump on the “cloud computing” craze. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, GoGrid are just some of those who offer such services. All we consumers need is access to the internet.

Even bloggers like us are offered by supposedly ‘new’ cloud-based web hosting packages that are way better than the traditional shared hosting services so common nowadays.

I admit that I’m tempted, but the costs is keeping me away. Another is the reliability factor. I once tried to edit and host all of my school work on Google Docs, but something went horribly wrong and most of my content ended up being unreadable jargons of code! Though it has been more stable since then.

If cloud computing can handle it today, then by all means let’s go up there.

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