Hopefully, Intel won’t shove McAfee AV down our throats

Intel buys McAfee

The screencap says it all. For $7.68 billion McAfee is now a subsidiary of Intel under its Software and Services Group.

So in the near future, Intel chips would be optimized to run with McAfee’s security software products and vice versa. Would these mean that other anti-virus softwares would now have performance issues with Intel chips? Hopefully Intel won’t go down that evil path. Otherwise, they could face another anti-trust suit in the US and in Europe.

I’ve been using Intel chips all my computing life, even though AMD’s are cheaper and have performed better in some shakedowns. On the other hand, I’ve never used McAfee’s anti-virus software. It’s expensive, takes a lot of system resources and there are a lot of free alternatives which can perform better.

Though analysts are saying that this is really in line with Intel’s desires to break into the mobile devices market, offer a chip that is not just powerful, but has built-in security features as well. But that’s still some distance into the future. For now, let’s wait see what the other AV vendors and tech gurus would have do or say about this.

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  1. Oh man, I hate, hate, hate, HATE McAfee. It's the first thing I remove (along with Norton, another AV I hate with a passion) whenever I get a new PC.

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