Hope of the motherland

I found this video thanks to Sexy Mom and Sonnie’s Porch. It’s about a project of the ‘scholars for the people’ wherein they showcase the possibilities and hope in today’s youth. We’ve heard of this since time immemorial right? So why even bother listening to them? Simply because, whether we like it or not, they are the future.

What’s even better is that this particular group of students belong to that future and in the video they made they are sampling to us the very things we need for a bright future: high dreams, hope, idealism, principles and love of the motherland.

Hi! I am Felize Mendoza, a 2nd year student from Philippine Science High School. I just want to show you our project in Social Science (Pisay Meets World), We Hold the Future. It shows how students like us can make a difference.

Please click the link below (my teacher’s blog) and please also click the video frame which links to YouTube, please leave a comment there, you need an account to comment (in YouTube). We need comments.

The video will take only about 5-6 minutes of your time.

Would you mind putting our video on our site? It would be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much. Ü

This brings back to mind a song by Gary Granada entitled “Nasa Ating mga Kamay” which coincidentally was performed by his own children in their amazing album, Rock n’ Roll Grade School.

Words & Music GARY GRANADA

Rock N Roll Grade School, 1996

Nasating mga kamay, nasating mga kamay
Ang kinabuksan ay nasating mga kamay
Nasating mga kamay, nasating mga kamay
Ang pagpapasya’y nasating kamay Wala sa gulong at guhit ng tadhana
Wala sa gitna, panganay at bunso
Wala rin sa swerte at wala sa tsamba
Tabi, tabi po, nuno sa punso

Nasating mga kamay…

Wala sa nunal, wala sa kapalaran
Bolang kristal at mga bituin
Wala sa baraha at wala sa bilang
Abrakadabra at anting-anting

Nasating mga kamay…

Nasa mga kamay na masigasig
Nasa mga kamay na matiyaga
Nasa mga kamay na masisipag
Nasa mga kamay na masigla

Nasa mga kamay na malikhain
Nasa mga kamay na maliksi
Nasa mga kamay na kumikilos
Nakasalalay ang minimithi

Nasating mga kamay…
Nasating mga kamay…
Nasating mga kamay!

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  1. Hey there! Thank you for picking up on my students' projects. It's really cool that it's getting around like this.

    The project is done now so there is a lot of material to go around in our main site. I hope you get to find something you like! You can check the front page for my recommendations. 🙂

  2. The video depicts the dreams of young men and women, the youth of today, who will be the leaders of tomorrow. As citizens of the country, more so scholars of the country, they should take it upon themselves to emulate the highest degree of being responsible citizens. Dream big, and be tomorrow’s leaders, Pisay students. Meet the world!

  3. Thanks for your opinions! Pls also visit our project of Pisay Meets world, Mirrored Future, where we show you interviews of people very influential to our school. 🙂

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