Help Restore Mother Earth – Reader Challenge

Okay guys and gals, here’s a little challenge I’d like to give to all of you. It’s quite simple and free and I hope you’ll join in. All you have to do is to think twice even more if want, before posting your answers in the comment thread below.

First off, a little intro, this is an activity we did last Tuesday in Ecology class in which we were divided into ten small groups, and were given a scenario/problem to ponder and discuss about. It is related to the environment, the survival of the human race and the restoration of planet Earth, hence this post’s title. We were then given 10 choices to choose our answer from and of course to come up with reasons to justify and defend our answer. The same thing will happen here. This is an open-ended and opinion based problem so all of your answers would be right and it will all boil down to how you would justify your answer. All set?

Alright here is the scenario:

NKorea Nuke

The Earth is devasted by a nuclear holocaust that resulted in a third world war between the powerful nuclear-armed nations of the world. (ex. N. Korea successfully hitting the US with a nuke missile, the US answering back with its own hail storm of nuke missiles, but one misses and hits China, then another misses and hits Russia, and the whole thing just got uglier and uglier)

Now there are only 10 people left as survivors and the only chance for them to survive longer and to contribute to the rebuilding human civilization and restoring mother earth is to take refuge inside an underground tunnel complex, until the conditions on the Earth’s surface clear down and become suitable for living again, say in the next 50 years or so.

But there’s one little catch, the tunnel only has enough supplies and resources for 9 people. But you have 10 survivors, so sadly and unfortunately, one person must be eliminated from the group so that the rest could live on.

You, my dear readers and visitors have the lone power to make the decision of choosing who will be left out of the tunnel and perish. Below are the list of the 10 persons you have to choose from:

34 yr-old Priest
65 yr-old old man
27 yr-old pregnant woman
12 yr-old female student
22 yr-old female artist (painter/musician)
32 yr-old male scientist
34 yr-old athlete
37 yr-old sumo wrestler
18 yr-old ballet dancer
60 yr-old carpenter

Thinking CapAgain, the tunnel can only accomodate 9 people so you have to eliminate one so that the rest can live on to restore Mother earth to ther glory. Who will you eliminate?

Again, no answers could be wrong, it’s your opinion and you just have to give some justifications for you defence. Please leave your answers in the comment thread below.

I will share my own answer this coming Sunday so as not to pre-empt things and make it a bit exciting. Plus, I may even have a reward for the reader who will come up with the most reasonable justification to their answer.

Okay, let the restoration of mother earth begin! 🙂

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  1. Ditch the priest. All have something (strength, wisdom, intellect, skills in cultural thingies) that can help in rebuilding Earth, except him. It would be great to rid the world of religion, anyway. Besides, the others can continue religion without him, if they really want to.

    Then, if the old man suddenly croaks, you'll have a baby (from the pregnant girl) to take his place. If not, you can decide on who's next to be eliminated.

  2. Waaa!! hehehe

    Okay…okay…(muttering "me and my big mouth") lolz

    I'll answer the meme this afternoon or maybe tomorrow. It's really tough, really tough.

    Thanks anyways, I think this will be quite interesting.


  3. I would eliminate the 65 year old man. He's the oldest, and likely won't survive the next 50 years. The 60 year old carpenter is also old but his building skills may be useful. Also, I would preserve the females for the purposes of procreation… you won't need as many males for this task.

  4. Get rid of the 65 year old man. Not only that he adds up to your caregiving, he cannot reproduce! He's useless! He shall not live after nth year of post doomsday.

    Unless you're too angry to have the nuclear warheads exist in this world. Damn are the scientist. Kill the scientist, too! ^_^

  5. there's no mention about what an old man can do in the future aside from being old, so he has to go… all the women should stay for procreation but there's no mention if other women except the pregnant one can procreate so the pregnant woman should stay… priest stays to teach spirituality, 12 year old student stays also coz life is so boring without children, and the others covers for what departments of our lives are important

  6. Okay ladies and gents. Thank you very much for sharing your answers, I appreciate each of them. Just like what happened in class when we first tackled this scenario, the great majority chose to ditch the old 65-year old man, because just like gbert, Neil, Rob, and Aurea pointed out, the old man is old and has no particular field of specialty to contribute in the restoration of the Earth.

    The second most popular choice in our class was getting rid of the priest, because he is a priest. He has this vow of celibacy and so he's practicaly useless in procreation. A classmate of mine stressed, as cyberpunk also did, that it an opportunity to get rid of religion. I sort of agree with them on this point.

    However, Jam and I have the same answers. I chose to eliminate the pregnant woman for the following reasons:

    She has special needs and would consume more resources because she's practically two persons in one body.
    Once her baby is born, there will be ten persons in the tunnel and even if someone else gets booted out instead, that time would be inappropriate to take care and nourish a child to adulthood.
    The role of procreation could be passed on the other younger females in the group, you have a very young female student for that task.

    Of course none of our asnwers could be wrong, it is our opinions and we are entitled to it.

    Honestly, this has been fun and I would certainly do this again next time.

    As for the rewards, I've decided to feature each and everyone of you in the Philippine Blog Carnival's Pinoy Blogger Spotlight for a week each. Your blogs would be reviewed and promoted in a special edition of the Philippine Blog Carnival which would return later on this August.

    I'll just keep everyone posted. Yebah!

  7. In these kinds of questions, one's answer depends on their views of society and the values they have. There is prioritization of these views as well, from most important to least important.

    My personal value is life and humanity. I cannot choose who to cut out. That is not my decision. Therefore, we will probably draw sticks. Some random way of choosing. For who is to say that one's life is more valuable, more important than the other. Your life is equal to his or her life.

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