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Downtimes, server maintenance, heavy load of academics plus a tree-planting trip to the mountains yesterda; all that are now over and once more I pronounce that I’m back to blogging. Woot! Thank you for those who have missed updates to the Pinoy Explorer. 😀

For my first act, I’d like to call on to anyone, with the biggest of all hearts, the kindests of souls and with an extensive connection to help out Joseph Pyro to meet his idol, our very own (half of him) WWE Smackdown superstar, Dave Batista, in person, when the WWE caravan visits Manila again this coming October.

You’ve probably heard of this blog-powered and email driven plea of help for Pyro to meet his idol for some time now. For the unfamiliar, Joseph Pyro is a three-year-old kid who suffers from cancer and has gone through so much pain and suffering in his three years of life so far, than compared to what we have in our lives today. In a nutshell, the following would answer the question: “Who is Joseph Pyro?”

Joseph Pyro

Name : Joseph PYRO
Age: 3 years, 2 months
Hospital : PCMC
Has Suffered: At least 8 chemo treatments, 2 major chest surgeries and 30 days of radiation treatments< Loves: sucking on stuffed toys, mocha cake, massages, Sponge Bob, wrestling, Spiderman and his Ninong Loved by: The whole family and our friends

Her loving aunt, has set up “In times of pain” a blog to chronicle his battle against the scourge that is cancer and to help the precious child to have one of his wishes be granted; to meet Dave Batista, his WWE idol.

So if you think you’re the one Pyro is looking for, or someone who knows someone who could make Pyro’s dream possible, please get in touch with his family by sending an email to this address: delisyus[at]

Do you have a blog? Blog about Pyro’s wish and join in the hundreds if not thousands who are supporting the plight of this wonderful and beautiful child.

Help Pyro meet Batista! 😀

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  1. Dear Dave,

    im half american, half filipina, im very willing to get intouch with in ur email if possible i have a very important message to tell you regarding your co wrestler…..i want to tell you something which is very important about my boyfriend who is your co wrestler too which i believe u can help me coz i know u have a very kind heart and we have desame blood,this is my email address, pls. pls. pls. dave get intouch with me… email is, b4 it will be too late pls. im begging you….jaycette sanchez

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