Have a new look in Beverly Hills

Remember those days when the TV show “Beverly Hills 90210” was still king of primetime viewing? I was still in elementary school back then and my aunts would never miss an episode, drooling over the stars that appeared in the series and curse at the electric company everytime the power went out in that crucial time period.

I also remember hearing one of my aunts wishing that her boyfriend at that time looked like Jason Priestley. A very very big wish wasn’t it?

No one could actually blame her because after that week or so, that guy had a motorcycle accident and had some nasty wounds on his face. After that, my aunt’s wish looked like it was really needed.

Thankfully the wounds healed and everything went back to normal, except for some scars of course but nothing could be done then again recalling my aunt’s wish, her boyfriend’s road accident and that TV show, Beverly Hills plastic surgery definitely comes into mind.

You may not end up looking like Jason Priestley but it will definitely solve some of your problems.

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