Has Globelines broadband finally recovered?

While writing the 2nd meme tag I got from Kars, I was forced to restart my dsl modem because of the crappy connection that was so crappy it would die for a few minutes. Surprisingly, the write post page loaded in just under 15 seconds! Has the connections improved?

There was only one way to find out; the Speakeasy Speedtest. Amazingly, here are the results:

improved connection

Another test, this time from a server in Seattle, Washington.

improved connection2

Is it true? Am I just seeing things? Or this improvement in the connection just a spurt of the moment and it would go back to its crappy, slower-than-dial-up state?

Turning to another connection speed test site, Speedtest.net (which is closely related to Speakeasy.net) here are the results I got:

So good to be true and something all of us have been waiting for. For a few final tests, I opened up the few sites I know of to be bandwidth-intensive, Inquirer.net.

Not only did it loaded in just under 12 seconds, it carried this news story that’s worth rejoicing for; RP ISPs recovering from slow Internet. Let’s just hope that this improvement would just go on and on.

For the final test, I’m off to YoutTube! đŸ˜€

As a side note

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