Has Globe finally granted my broadband speed upgrade request?

Yesterday afternoon, I visited Globe’s Business Center in SM Dasmariñas to follow up the request I made a month ago to have my broadband speed upgraded. My current broadband plan is their defunct GenTXT Express Unlimited which I had subscribed to more than three years ago.

It’s default speed was 384kbps at Php 995.00 per month which was later upgraded to 512kbps for free, sometime around July 2006. Back then, I was the only one in the house who needed a fast internet connection so the speed was adequate for my online needs.

But when I got my laptop back in May 2008 my desktop PC was moved to my sisters’ room for their use. This was when we started to share the 512kbps broadband connection. It was then we started to have sluggish connection each time both of us were online.

Clearly, the time has come to upgrade the speed of our broadband connection. Luckily, it was around the same time that Globe’s 1Mbps broadband plan had become more affordable so the decision was made. It’s time to upgrade.

My first attempt was back in June 2008. It was declined by Globe because according to them, the ports in the line cabinet in our area were already full. Globe had no plans of adding more ports so it meant that I was stuck with 512kbps plan.

They offered me their wireless internet service at 1Mbps but I refused because back then, wireless internet services were still new and had plenty of problems. Remember when Smart BRO earned the hatred of so many frustrated customers? I didn’t want to be one of them.

So from 2008 up until yesterday, I’ve been pestering Globe to have my broadband account upgraded. The guy I talked at Globe said that if the facilities in the area would permit it, the upgrade to 1Mbps would proceed. The same issue that had haunted me for the last two years. He added that the upgrade would take around two days maximum to be completed. I should follow up via their hotline, he said.

That would be on Wednesday. However, when I came home, I was surprised. My wife said that the internet connection seemed to have sped up a little as she had no troubles surfing the web the whole afternoon.

I checked using Speedtest.net and got this results:

Speed test results. Globe Broadband @ 1Mbps(?)

Was I dreaming? Has the humid afternoon played tricks on my mind? I used other speed test sites to confirm the sudden increase in my broadband speed.

Speed tests using Speakeasy.net
Speed test results using 2wire.com's speed meter

The stranger thing was, for a brief moment at around 6pm yesterday, I lost my broadband connection. I called up their hotline and heard a machine recording saying that us broadband customers in Cavite and other provinces in Luzon were experiencing some network problem. I decided to let it pass and wait until Wednesday to check again.

But when the internet connection was restored an hour or so later, I was still amazed that the speed remained above my old 512kbps level and very near my long-requested 1Mbps upgrade.

Of course I’m delighted by this new development. I pray that the upgrade request I made has been finally granted, and I’m happy that the upgrade was made almost immediately.

Hopefully, this happiness would not be short-lived and the 1Mbps upgrade would be here to stay.

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  1. Hey Dude, Thanks for posting this. I'm still trying to get Globe to upgrade the internet speed and its a real pain in the arse! Any tips or ideas on how to get them to upgrade. My DSL location is Bauan Batangas. It shouldn't be that hard to get it going.

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