Happy with Windows 8? Or hoping Windows 9 would be better?

Windows 8 by Ceo1017
It’s pretty much obvious that Windows 8 and its 8.1 update wasn’t as successful as previous versions of Windows were. And I don’t think the explosion of smartphones and tablets running on Android and rival iPads were entirely to blame. Just like Windows Me and Vista before it, Windows 8 was a failure.

Should we give up on Windows altogether? Well, until Macs become more affordable and more software developers embrace Linux, the majority of PC users would have to wait for Microsoft to recover and make amends with Windows 9.

Perhaps the folks at Microsoft would take into consideration these words from Jason Hiner:

In Windows 9, Microsoft will likely need to make another retreat. It will need to renew some of its focus on the standard desktop and laptop users that remain its core user base. It will need to focus on the things it can do to make their work easier, faster, and more productive. Yes, that will likely mean integrating multi-touch, camera gestures, and voice recognition in smart ways. But, Microsoft has to do it without forcing new interface concepts on users in places where it doesn’t necessarily add anything, and sometimes even forces extra complexity.

Good luck to Microsoft. And to everyone else stuck with Widows 8 right now. As for me, I don’t really care that much, I’ve switched to Ubuntu Linux since 2008. And I’ve been a happy PC user ever since.

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4 Replies to “Happy with Windows 8? Or hoping Windows 9 would be better?”

    1. Good luck! I had hopes for Windows 8 too, but after seeing first-hand how users struggled with it after the upgrade or buying a new PC that had it pre-installed, Windows 9 would be the miracle.

  1. 8.1 only added the start button. You’ll need a getting used to switching from the desktop and the start tile features, but it’s quite useful in terms of multi-tasking.

    I really don’t care about the eye candy, but if you don’t personalize it will be a mess and an eye-strain.

    Big headache if you’re upgrading your old PC (in my case a Lenovo G470) from 7 to 8 or 8.1 because of driver updates and the new OS deciding which needs to be installed in your behalf. Let’s just say that it took me a day to figure out that the main reason why my wifi isn’t working is not because of the drivers for it, but because 8.1 had compatibility issues with my power management driver (which will be the last thing you’ll try to look into).

    For now, I’ll keep on using it and hopefully when 9 comes out, it wouldn’t be as messy.

    1. And you never get the complete picture from the compatibility app before you upgrade. When I was still with Microsoft support for Windows 8, these issues literally took an average of 5 hours to resolve.

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