Happy 5th Birthday to Gmail!

It’s been that long already? Though 5 years may still be short for some, it’s half a decade and for that long, Gmail has been awesome for the millions of its users ever since it was introduced by Google to the public.

Gmail turns 5!
Gmail turns 5!

Back then you could get a Gmail account via invites from Gmail users, and those invites were really sought after during that time. When I got my first Gmail invite from a college professor, mentor and friend, I have been a loyal Gmail user ever since.

When Gmail for your domain, which later turned into Google Apps, was introduced I signed up right away back in 2006 and up to now, my .com.ph domain email is still powered by Gmail.

To date, Gmail has tens of millions of users worldwide, allowing us to chat and now video chat right in our inbox. It has a set of nice themes and has 43 Gmail labs features that make it one, if not the best email service on the planet!

Signup for your very own Gmail account and you’ll never be disappointed.

Via the Official Gmail blog

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