GTD: Three-pronged approach to organizing workflow

Been under lots of offline work lately which again explains the rather lack of updates on this blog and the other blogs I write for.

Thankfully, the work load has not been that heavy, time-consuming and sometimes too costly for me. It’s not that I’ve shaved off a few of my tasks, I just figured out a system of organizing the things that needs to be done, manage my time and leave something for my personal leisure, well sort of. Thanks to SexyMom for remindin me of this minor yet ever so crucial detail.

As the title suggests, this personal system of mine is designed to keep track of the tasks I need to do, schedule them and record the ideas that arise whenever I have a braingasm.

Sony Ericsson K800i

At the front line of this system is my Sony Ericsson K800i, which with its handy-dandy Organizer and the applications under it, setting appointments, scheduling them even keeping notes of ideas and stuff on-the-fly is not only easy it saves me a lot of troubles.

The Calendar – of course for scheduling appointments, meetings and deadlines.

Notes – stores tid bits of info, ideas, things-to-remember and do; it’s my virtual notepad.

Tasks List – it’s a built-in To-do list which comes with a reminder that sets off when the time is near.

I even use it’s 3.2 Megapixel camera to take photos and scans of documents I need to work with, especially my school work. Max Limpag has shown us how to turn our mobile phones into a document scanner using Scanr which is really cool and useful. Well, I really don’t need to upload those documents online and there’s no worrying about taking too many photos of documents and other subjects because my K800i is equipped with a 1GB M2 Memory Stick.

Student Planner

Last July 4, 2007 the University Student Council launched the “Come One, Come All” Freshmania special which served as the welcoming and acquaintance party cum general assembly for all the students of La Salle Dasmarinas especially the freshmen.

USC PlannerIt was also during this event that the USC gave away free copies of the DLSU-D Student Planner for everyone who attended the event. This is the second part of my personal organizing system. The planner is one of the best things as student could ever have. It contains valuable information that will make college life much easier.

It has descriptions of the various administrative offices of the university plus their local phone numbers. We just need to put phones around the campus but hey, it’s a good start. Aside from that, the planner has enough calendar space to take note of and schedule the things you’ll be doing for the rest of the schoolyear. It even has important dates from the Academic calendar such as the schedule of holidays, major exams etc.

I actually use this as a hard copy and back up of the Calendar + Notes application in my K800i. This is so because I always carry my phone with me and since most appointments and ideas arise on-the-fly I first make note of them in my K800i then write them down on the Student Planner.

For DLSU-D students, you get a copy of your own from the University Student Council Office at the Administration Building. If you’re a member of any recognized organization in the university you get your planner from your respective organizations.

Google Calendar

The last part of this custom GTD system is Google Calendar which is part of the Google Apps system. Since I don’t have a laptop and I really don’t use the internet service as school, Google Calendar serves as another back-up of the things I need to do.

The feature that I love the most about Google Calendar is that it sends free SMS alerts or reminders about your up coming appointments, things-to-do, etc. to your mobile phone for free! Google Tutor has nifty guide on how to configure your Google Calendar to send you SMS alerts and reminders.

A screencast below will help you appreciate this nifty feature of Google Calendar.

The system right now is not yet perfect, I’m still figuring out to really help this manage my blogging as well. But I guess that’s for another post at another time.

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