Growing old and looking young

Some years ago, back in my highschool days I found my self in one of those life-turning, mind-bending and your-reputation-is-at-stake situations so typical when you mix in closely-knit highschool buddies with the urge to know secrets, something alcoholic and the empty bottle from which that something came from. Yes, it’s the ever so faithful ‘spin the bottle’ game though childish at first reckoning, it has never failed to highten up boring gatherings or idle times with your classmates, buddies and even co-workers.

The highschool pecking order is thrown out of the window and under the power of that spinning bottle, every one else in the circle is of the same level. Round and round it goes, tensions increase with the gaggles, laughters and giggles ending up in the ceremonial screams of despair coming who was “it.”

I was not spared. Facing the threat of a dreadful consequence to which I wasn’t – at that time – ready enough to do, I went for the other option and presented myself to my friends’ sharp questioning.

Preparing for the worst question, I was relieved to hear that the query was a simple and quite exciting one. “What was of my greatest fears and what would you do about it?”

I bravely answered with a matching facial expression, “Growing old and all wrinkled up.” We all broke out into laughter and when the laughing subsided, everyone listened in to hear the second half of my answer. “Growing really old quite scares me because I’ll loose my hair, teeth and my skin would shrivel like a raisin or a loose bag or something. Looking at my grandparents today, I wouldn’t want to end up looking exactly like them.” Laughters resume coupled with a few cheers and jokes. I quickly quipped to wrap up my turn with a punch line.

“Besides, I want look good and young when I get buried.”

Of course I’m not alone in this world for there are a lot who shares this outlook with me. It may be ‘unnatural’ for some but I think I have the final say in what I want for myself and that is to stay looking young, to the very least, as long as I live. Advances in medical and surgical techniques and technologies today and in the future time that I would need to take care of my aging looks will ensure that I will get what I desire. And when the time does come, I think I’ll have my cosmetic surgery in Toronto, Ontario. A place that holds a special place in my heart. The reasong being, would be for another story for another time.

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