GroupLoop is good, activecollab would be better

In my vain search for a free webhost that would enable me to do an installation of activecollab, that free alternative to the online project collaboration service called BaseCamp, I stumbled upon GroupLoop. It’s a group collaboration site/service which essentially works like the popular group mail services offered by Yahoo! and Google.

GroupLoop provides a simple place for you to share and archive files, a central area for discussion, and a calendar to manage your meetings. GroupLoop is designed for anyone who needs to organize a group. Board of directors, private clubs, non profit groups, chambers, and even families can benefit from its collaboration tools. It’s 100% web-based, easy to use, and there are no long term contracts to sign.

In essence, it works like the group mail services I mentioned before. Group messaging, file sharing, a central calendar to keep track of meetings and events. The advantage Group Loop has over those long established group mail services is that anyone in your group irregardless of their e-mail service providers could join in via an invitation from the account owner and manager.

Aside from this, Group Loop gives users the ability to pick their own for their account giving way for easy web access instead of that long and often hard to remember Yahoo! Group or Google Group URL.

Overall, Group Loop is a nice solution for you online collaboration or group communication needs. Still, having an activecollab installed on your server – which I badly need at present times – would be like having your own paid BaseCamp account.

But why am I not using activecollab on this server? It’s because I can’t. Technically it’s impossible because this blog of mine, like the other blogs are hosted on a server that runs PHP 4 which is a real bummer since activecollab requies PHP 5 inorder for it to be installed and used. Checked with Ploghost‘s customer support and I was told that an upgrade to PHP 5 is most unlikely since it would affect all the other accounts on this server.

So now I’m still on the look out for a free webhost running on PHP 5 so that I could finally install and run activecollab. Once that day comes, all my blogging, researching, schoolwork and organizational needs would be greatly satisfied.

Anyone who could help me out? I would greatly appreciate it.

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