Google Reader made me switch from Bloglines

Back in 2005, when I had just celebrated my first year as a blogger, the blog-o-sphere was so much fun, neat and exciting. The craze of the day was getting on other bloggers’ blog rolls and getting subscribers to your RSS feed.

Then Bloglines became the most popular tool to subscribing to feeds. Next to my Gmail account, Bloglines were always open whenever I hit online just to digest the latest feeds from all the blogs I’ve followed, err, subscribed to.

I even used it to power the Links page of this blog, which seriously needs to be overhauled by the way. Firefox had many need plugins for feeds subscription but it was bloated enough already. Using a desktop feed reader never occurred to me because Bloglines was there. And there was nothing better.

Then came Google Reader. It didn’t took me long enough to make the jump. Largely because Bloglines made it so easy to export my feeds list to it and I can tie it with my Gmail account.

There were many of us who also jumped ship and became Google Readers. Bloglines simply faded into the background. Then Google bought Feedburner, then Tumblr came along then Twitter, then Plurk, then Facebook.

Now, it’s all about the number of Twitter followers not how many subscribers. True enough, Bloglines has finally thrown in the towel with an exclusive revelation to TechCrunch:

It’s finally happened. Bloglines,the troubled RSS feed reader owned by IAC, will officially be shut down, the company has told TechCrunch exclusively. The site has had a tumultuous history, so it’s unsurprising that IAC has finally put the platform out of its misery. Bloglines, which is actually operated by IAC Q&A property, will be informing users of the news today and will officially be shut down on October 1.


Doug Leeds, President of tells us that the reasoning behind closing Bloglines came down to the fact that the market for people who use Bloglines (and RSS readers, he adds) isn’t growing, and is actually shrinking as people shift to realtime news streams such as Twitter to consume content on the web.

I still use Google Reader, still getting my daily fix of RSS feeds. Though Twitter has been the new gold mine for updates, I still prefer to read the full posts than just getting 140 characters of it. Twitter may have killed Bloglines, and by extension as the tech gurus have proclaimed, RSS feeds, I cannot squarely agree with them. Heck, I even found out about this via TechCrunch’s RSS feed.

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