Google please, keep the next Nexus smartphone under 5 inches

Android Central reports:

eToday reports that Google engineers recently visited LG’s headquarters and factories in South Korea as part of an upcoming collaboration with the codename ‘N000.’ That device, the publication claims, will be the next Nexus smartphone, which reportedly also carries the working name “Nexus 7.” The Googlers’ visit to LG reportedly included locations relating to LG Display and the company’s R&D labs, as well as facilities involved in manufacturing wireless charging parts and OIS (optical image stabilization) components for cameras.

I love my Nexus 5. The size is just right – the screen is large enough for a great viewing experience, it still fits easily in my pockets and is comfortable to hold in the hands. Anything larger and it’s just a pain. That’s why when the Nexus 6 ‘phablet’ was released I told my self that I’d holding on to the Nexus 5 until the successor of the Nexus 6 comes out on the condition that it’s not going to be too big for a smartphone. I borrow the words of Gordon Kelly who wrote a review of the Nexus 6 for Forbes:

So size. Every year I think phones have become too big and every year I’m convinced by manufacturers that I should go bigger. Not this time, the threshold has been crossed. Motorola may have done a great job with the bezels, but the Nexus 6 is still too big.

This isn’t a height issue, it’s a width and depth issue. The Nexus 6 is much thicker and 0.5cm wider than the Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus (illustration below) and the combination is crucial: you simply can’t wrap your hand around the phone and reach the opposite side of the screen.

Seriously, large screens are good if one is looking for a tablet. Phones don’t need to be that large. It’s the same reason the iPhone stayed within the 5-inch territory for so long because usability studies have proven that anything larger would present issues for the average human being.

So whoever Google will partner with to build the next Nexus smartphone, I seriously hope that they consider this feedback from myself and many other human beings out there. Enough with the obsession of making phones larger.

Instead, make a BETTER Nexus smartphone. Better camera, dual-SIM support, better battery, more RAM or more powerful CPU, a sharper screen not, I repeat not a larger one, please!

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  1. I don’t know, I really like huge phones. Currently rocking a Z3, and I was able to use a Note 4 for a while. But I do agree that it isn’t for everybody, though.

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