Google Chrome – first impressions

I am impressed. Right now, no other browser is running on my laptop except for this shiny new one from Google, which is Google Chrome.

Download and installation was a breeze and in minutes, I was able to import my bookmarks, browsing history and other data from Firefox into Google Chrome and I just love every time I open a new tab. The installer immediately detected my local settings and loaded the installer wizard and Google Chrome itself using the Filipino (Tagalog) language. It was cool for a few minutes but I switched to the English language before setting down to write this initial impression post.

GoogleChromeFinal Look

Big big props to the guys behind Google Chrome. Again, I’m totally impressed. It does load pages faster than Firefox and Safari. Don’t ask me about Internet Explorer because I haven’t used it for almost two years now. As of now, I haven’t checked how much memory and other system resources Google Chrome is using, but as I write this, four instances are open each with at least three tabs showing the sites I frequently visit. So far, everything is running smooth and fast. I’ll leave the benchmark tests to the ones who really know how to do it.

The look and feel is clean, sleek, refreshing it gives me the feeling that I’m using Safari. Though the absence of a menu bar and other tool bars on top of the window is a bit disorienting and kinda reminds me of how IE 7 looks. However, it gives me lot more space for viewing web pages and minimizes the distractions brought on by bookmarklets and buttons. I’ve yet to figure out how to put back the and StumbleUpon bookmarks on the bookmarks bar. Making the Google Toolbar work with Chorme is another question. But this is just day one of my Google Chrome experience.

The things I immediately miss are the wonderful core of plugins and add-ons that has made me love Firefox. This review is being done right off the bat so I suppose these questions would be answered in the following days of finding out more on what Google Chrome could really do for me.

With that said, I give a fair warning that Google Chrome may steal my heart away from Firefox and make me forget about Safari.

I’m excited to read about what other bloggers would say about Google Chrome. It’s sure though, that like me, many would be impressed as well.

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  1. I've downloaded and tried the Chrome and like I'm also impressed with its page load speed. I'm sticking with Firefox as my default browser coz of the addons/extensions and use Chrome only for browsing/surfing the web. If Chrome will have its own addons/extensions like Firefox has then I'll probably switch. 🙂

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