Google Apps Referrals – Another prank?

Last night I saw something a bit exciting in my inbox. It was an update from the Google AdSense Team announcing that AdSense publishers can now earn more by referring users to sign-up for Google Apps, those nifty free web services like Gmail for your own domain, Docs and Spreadsheet, Calendar etc. via the Google Apps Referrals:

Following our recent series of referrals announcements, we’re happy to announce that you can now earn $5 per referral for Google Apps.

With Google Apps, we’ve taken Google’s most powerful communication and collaboration tools, and packaged them together so businesses, schools and other organizations can work more effectively while spending less time and money on IT systems. Google Apps provides customized email addresses (powered by Gmail), Google Calendar, Google Talk, Docs & Spreadsheets and Page Creator, all for free. Best of all, everything is hosted by Google, so there’s no hardware or software to download, install or maintain.

So how do these referrals work? Just visit the AdSense Setup tab in your AdSense account and click the link for Referrals. Select the Google Apps option and then choose how you want the referral ad to look on your site. (The Google Apps referral ads are available in English right now, but we’ll be adding more languages soon.) Copy the code provided into the design of your web pages, and voila!

You will be credited $5 when someone clicks the referral ad from your site and signs up for Google Apps with a domain that has not already been signed up for the service. That person’s domain must then have one or more Google Apps email accounts in use for four consecutive weeks. It’s that simple.

I’ve come to love Google Apps and have used it quite extensively over the past year so spreading its joy and benefits while earning a few bucks here and there would be great. So I signed-in to my AdSense account and prepared to set-up those Google Apps referral links.

To my surprise the link or option for the Google Apps referrals is nowhere to be found. I tinkered around my AdSense account thinking that I might have clicked on the wrong link but it was all in vain. The link for those referrals simply weren’t there.

Is it just my account or is this another prank by Google? Anyone else who has tried these new referrals? April Fool’s day is over but I guess Google has had another one up their sleeve.

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  1. I think it is legit. I once saw it where it should be in your screenshot 😉 But now its gone. I think it has something to do with sites being delivered to geo-IP locations, which is harder to trick. Friendster is notorious for implementing geo-IP pages just to stop people from getting features only available for a certain territory (changing your zip code doesn’t work anymore).

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