Good riddance for the Globe iToolbar

Yesterday was a complete PR disaster for Globe when they surprised their mobile internet subscribers with their annoying, obtrusive and uncalled for Globe iToolbar.

Check out the screencaps courtesy of Yuga:

I noticed it yesterday morning but was able to blog about it just now. Over the years, these annoying pop-ups and toolbars have taught me to search for the “x” or close button to get rid of it. Easily enough, I was able to find that button the iToolbar but lo and behold, it didn’t completely disappear. It just collapsed to one side yet it was still taking a significant amount of screen space. It purple color was a major distraction to your browsing experience.

What the hell is Globe iToolbar? According to Globe:

“[it is]to make your Mobile Internet experience much more convenient. You can now enjoy quick and easy access to your favorite Globe and Internet services.”

Really?! The only service I need from Globe is that they make sure that they keep their end of the Service Agreement by providing reliable and consistent Internet service, not an annoying, obtrusive and practically useless pop-up.

Who ever thought that this was a great idea should have his/her head examined. Globe subscribers who experienced this, some are even on corporate accounts, have been annoyed big time.

The good news is that Globe has discontinued the iToolbar, as I wrote this post on a Globe Tattoo stick, the annoying toolbar was no where to be seen.

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