Gmail Theater’s Why use Gmail, just a few comments

Yes, after full seven days of being away from blogging I’m back! Woot! This post would be short though and a quick one. I should be in bed right this moment so that I could get back some badly needed sleep and rest (it’s 1:25am as I write this) because the past week of school works and campaigning for the upcoming university student elections has kept my hands full. Instead though, I stumbled upon this wonderful, short and cute video from the Gmail engineers showcasing some good reasons why all of use should get our own Gmail account.

Here’s the video from Gmail Theater:

Wasn’t is cute and convincing enough to get us into signing up for our very own Gmails?
Of course it does, but I have some few comments to share regarding those 4 good reasons based on the times I’ve been using Gmail.

Attack of spam: Gmail blocks spam before it gets in your inbox

We admit that there’s no email service that completely blocks spam. After all, people not machines are the ones who use emails so a careless use of it could lead to spam invasion. However, unlike the other e-mail services I’ve used, Gmail blocks the most spam messages and it even reports phising attacks.

The In-boxer: Gmail organizes and automatically groups emails and conversations

This is one of the features of Gmail that I loved so much! It brought “digital correspondence” or being e-penpals to reality. Even if a friend replies to a message sent from last week, you don’t have to worry about wondering what the e-mail was about in case you forget about it because in Gmail, everything is in a nifty conversational manner. You only need to check your Sent Mails in case you want to double-check that the message was indeed sent and not to refresh your memories about the topic instead.

The Isle of Lost Emails: Gmail helps you easily find any e-mail

This is a follow-up to the good point above. In case your friend does send a reply that is days or even months late, you could easily look for it via a powerful mail search feature. Labelling makes this system even better.

Chat in the name of Love: Built-in chat means quick, real-time communication.

This was just an added bonus. I enjoy this feature very much because it’s the only IM system we could use in the restricted computer laboratories here in La Salle Dasma wherein Yahoo! Messenger and the other messengers are banned from being used. Thank God for Gmail’s built-in chat!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your own Gmail account right now and enjoy these benefits and more.

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