Gmail is now open for sign-ups

Hooray! Gmail is now open for public sign-up to internet users here in the Philippines. I just found out about this a while as I was about to check my original Gmail account. I noticed a new layout in the home page and suspicions that something new is in offer and indeed it is a good offer. Gmail for everyone! :mrgreen:

Though I still have lots of Gmail invites, it’s much better now that people could sign-up for their very own GMail account instead of waiting for others. How can I prove this?

Here’s a screencap that it says it all. 😆


Now that Gmail is open for public sign-ups, I wonder how the other e-mail service providers would react?

Over 2GB (and still growing) of storage, a cool and powerful search function, labeling and chatting all for free!

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  1. I guess they could cut the counters off the invitation box on the sidebar now as it makes no sense anymore. I still have 97 invites left on my second GMail account (I haven’t checked my first one recently) though I have been using GMail For Your Domain since I was accepted as a beta tester. 🙂

  2. Yeah! It’s a good thing that they have already opened it for sign-up. Some people used to take advantage of its beta status that they sell invitations on eBay.

  3. They sold Gmail invites in eBay back then?! Wow, never knew about that. I got my first Gmail invite when I accidentally clicked on an ad in Google search result.

    Hope everyone else gets their Gmail.

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