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Google MailYahoo!! Or should I say Gooogle!!! I’ve just been accepted to beta test Gmail as my default e-mail service for my domain.

This special beta test lets you give Gmail, Google’s webmail service, to every user at your domain. Gmail for your domain is hosted by Google, so there’s no hardware or software for you to install or maintain.

Gmail – 2 gigabytes of storage and search tools that help users find information fast.

Cool or what? I’ve heard about this service from Google wherein they will allow you to tie up your domain to Gmail so instead of using the other mail clients that come as default e-mail services for your own domains like Horde or Squirrel mail, your e-mail would be powered by the cool and awesome Google mail or Gmail service sometime last year. I think it was about a university in the US wherein they have forged a deal with Google in which the company would provide it’s Gmail service for the university’s students’ e-mail accounts.

Anyways, I spent my entire free hours this morning to finish the setup, configuration and customization of new my Gmail e-mail accounts. Sir Angelo Racoma was even surprised at how quick I was accepted to beta test this ‘Gmail for your domain’ service by Google and also the quickness of how I’ve gone through the setup process. I applied to beta test the service last Wednesday and I was able to finish setting up everything, from making the necessary changes to my site via CPanel to sending and recieving e-mails using my same e-mail address that is now powered by Gmail.

The set-up was quite easy to go through, the trickiest and hardest part of it really is the fact that you would be leaving behind you previous online e-mail account which in this case was my original Gmail account jhaykage [at] gmail [dot] com. Again Sir Anjelo said it best in the following remarks;

sana pwede import lahat from existing gmail acct. kasi parang buong buhay ko nasa jangelo [at] gmail [dot] com na naka-store. hehhe

As I’ve already told him, “I second the motion. Sana pwede i-merge yung orig Gmail account ko sa Gmail ko ngayon.” I just found out this morning during the customization and setup of this service that it is much harder to switch e-mail accounts or migrate to a new one than migrating your website to a new webhost and domain. It’s similar to the feeling of loosing your old cellphone and it would only get worse once your mind focuses on the fact that you’ve lost sim card, phone book, all the special/important messages and all the contacts as well. I just hope I can get out of this ‘adjustment period’ soon enough.

Over all though, I’m very pleased and proud to have my own domain and its e-mail system powered by Gmail. It just makes the whole thing sweeter, but wait, there’s still that ultimate cherry to top off this cake. Below is the very first e-mail I recieved with my Gmail-powered e-mail, it’s the ultimate cherry because it came from the among the most special woman I’ve met in my entire life.

9 Things I Hate About Everyone

1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the
time…. I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do
I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is?

2. People who are willing to get off their ass to search
the entire room for the T.V. remote because they refuse to walk to
the T.V. and change the channel manually.

3. When people say “Oh you just want to have your cake and
eat it too”. Damn right! What good is cake if you can’t eat it?

4. When people say “it’s always the last place you look”.
Of course it is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you’ve
found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they? Gonna Kick
their asses!

5. When people say while watching a film “did you see that?”. No Loser, I paid $12 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor.

6. People who ask “Can I ask you a question?”…. Didn’t really give me a choice there, did ya sunshine?

7. When something is ‘new and improved!’. Which is it? If
it’s new, then there has never been anything before it. If it’s an
improvement, then there must have been something before it, couldn’t be new.

8. When people say “life is short”. What the hell?? Life is
the longest damn thing anyone ever does!! What can you do that’s

9. When you are waiting for the bus and someone asks “Has
the bus come yet?”. If the bus came would I be standing here, dumbass?

So if you have your own domain, fallen in love with Gmail and would like to marry the two, just click: Gmail for your domain.

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  1. @ jorge: I'm telling you, i'm still having a hard time adjusting to the non-use of old Gmail account and yeah, I'll keep everyone posted about my transition.

    @ RennyBA: I hope you do get accepted and of course, like I said before, I'll keep everyone posted.

  2. @ fatfingur: I couldn't agree with you more. Google just rocks!

    @ Rob: It means that Gmail will now be the default service I can use to handle all of my e-mail accounts. The exact process of how it works I will explain in detail in the follow up post to this entry. Thanks for asking. 😀

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