Gmail becomes more secure with HTTPS-only

Great news from the Gmail team, something that will put our minds at ease knowing that our email will be more secure. Nicolas Lidzborski, Gmail Security Engineering Lead, writes on the Gmail blog:

Starting today, Gmail will always use an encrypted HTTPS connection when you check or send email. Gmail has supported HTTPS since the day it launched, and in 2010 we made HTTPS the default. Today’s change means that no one can listen in on your messages as they go back and forth between you and Gmail’s servers—no matter if you’re using public WiFi or logging in from your computer, phone or tablet.

In addition, every single email message you send or receive—100% of them—is encrypted while moving internally. This ensures that your messages are safe not only when they move between you and Gmail’s servers, but also as they move between Google’s data centers—something we made a top priority after last summer’s revelations.

To recall, it has been revealed that the US government through its National Security Agency has been spying on US citizens through its PRISM program part of which is the routine interception of electronic mail from major providers like Google.

There’s no word whether other email providers would do the same but we can all bet that they will step up to what Google did today.

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