GMA Kapuso rips-off Gary Granada

I’ve been hearing of this controversy for some time now and it’s only after reading PinoyBlogero’s post about it that I finally had a full understanding of the issue.

According to PinoyBlogero;

According to Gary Granada, GMA Kapuso Foundation asked him to compose a jingle for them using lyrics which they have provided. In order for the lyrics to fit the melody of his composition, revisions had to be made to the given lyrics. Unfortunately, his composition was rejected and the job was given to another composer. Much to his surprise, he later found out that GMA Kapuso made use of his lyrics revisions in their final composition without asking for permission. Not only that, Mr. Granada also says that the final tune of GMA Kapuso’s new jingle is actually based on the musical structure of his own composition.

Listen to Gary Granada’s audio cast here, and he does deliver a pretty solid case. To be honest, I’m a GMA Kapuso patron. However, before I adored GMA 7, I’ve been listening, following, supporting and promoting Gary Granada’s works, musics, songs and causes long before I started blogging.

His music and songs has been one of the strongest influences in my life and personality and even blogging. Which is why I am deeply disappointed at what GMA 7 has allegedly did. What’s worse is that they did this in order to promote a good cause. Arrogance certainly knows no bounds.

I pray that this issue be resolved as soon as possible and justice be done to whom it rightfully belongs. However, for this to be realized, Gary Granada needs our help in bringing this further up in the public agenda so that the big powers-that-be behind GMA Kapuso would face this issue fairly, honestly and sincerely. Pass the word along, blog about this, link to Gary Granada’s audio cast, help in creating more awareness about this issue. Composers and content creators would be grateful.

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  1. ngek…this is surely a stain on the white cloth of quality service and unbiased programming of GMA…

    you are right, this should be resolved or the integrity of the station that i also love will be questioned.

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