Glorietta Bombing: Tragic but a bit suspicious

First of all, prayers are all I could offer to the families and friends of the victims of the Glorietta bombing.

I first heard about the bombing when some one who was with me in a meeting at the DLSU-D University Student Council office read out loud from a text message he just recieved from a friend that there was a bombing at the Glorietta. We first brushed off his pronouncement and even made jokes about it.

Until after the meeting, I checked out and there it was, indeed a bomb has exploded in Glorietta. MLQ3 has a good round-up of first-hand blogger eyewitness accounts. It’s citizen-journalism at its peak again.

Update: Here’s a video courtesy of Gambito of the scene after the bombing:

The latest body count are 9 dead and 100+ wounded.

Flak may be thrown at this blog, but I cannot help sharing the sentiments of notes from the peanut gallery, that there is something suspicious about this tragedy. Let me quote:

I cannot help but suspect that the government is creating terrible distractions to draw attention away from the latest Malacanang bribery scandal, where 190 congressmen and officials were handed out glossy bags of cash ranging from 200k-500k. With the heat on our Lady President, her circle has transformed into a bastion of denial, deadma, and absurdist reasoning: that those were early Christmas gifts, that it did not come from the government, that the Lady President did not know about it despite the fact that she attended the very same breakfast meeting where the cash was distributed like loot bags for a children’s party. And when she denies any knowledge of such cash disbursements, the implacation is that she is not in control (how can she not know?, ask many observers).

In the light of so many important issues that our government needs to address, this explosive sleight-of-hand – if it is what I think it is – is simply too cruel.

The following questions are still stuck in my mind;

  1. Why was there no reports or warnings or intelligence alerts that we get to recieve every now and then during the height of the call for the GMA to resign and coup rumors to overthrow her administration?
  2. The government’s intelligence units were so quick to issue warnings of terror alerts or coup attempts or plots to destabilize the government last year. But now that something horrible did happened, why is the government acting too calm and collected, it’s as equally disturbing as the bombing itself?
  3. What happened to all that training and assistance, particularly anti-terror related training, exercises, assistance the AFP got from the US military?

Is this another ploy of the administration to distract the public from the recent wave of scandals that has once more ‘exploded’ into its face? Or is it a signal to all its opponents and critics that this administration would not go down without a fight? Or worse, it’s rehearsal of sorts for darker times to come. (read: pre-text for declaring martial law) I pray not.

Either way, it is not acceptable. It is downright inhuman, dastardly and utterly revolting.

Kung totoo nga talaga, p*t*ng in*!!! Garapal at masahol pa sa kampon ng kasamaan ang administrasyong ito. πŸ‘Ώ

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  1. Face it, there are evils greater even than GMA. It’s just like when Ping and Erap were blamed for the LRT bombings in December 2000 at the height of the impeachment trial. It was JI then, I think it was JI again now. But you see, it so inconvenient a possibility for our neat conceptions and fantasies.

  2. Me, my 2 year old son and his yaya was there at G4 that time. We felt the floor shook for seconds and thought that there was an earthquake and a few seconds later, the Barista from Starbucks asked us to go to the nearest Fire Exit. I saw people crying, and wounded (but, no panic in our area)… pointing the blame to the govt or to GMA is not even helpful in this kind of situation. Let's still see the best for our country, we all live here… business is good but with this tragedy we should help each other out and blaming the gov't will not even help a bit.

    I was there with my son… I want him safe and so, I want his future secure here in his country. There's something we can do to those who were killed, that is securing their loved ones future with a country they will love, be proud of and not hate the President or the Govt. πŸ™‚

  3. Times this post has been deleted: 1

    You can thank the administration for the loss of innocent life. They set off the bomb to draw attention away from the current scandals circling Gloria and Malacanang. Remember the bribery breakfast scandal? How about that broadband scam? The bomb will another excuse so she can be given "emergency" powers so military can arrest anyone that spoke out against her about her bribing of all those politicians.

    Also, they did it so they wouldn't have to explain to their soldiers why the soldiers haven't been paid their p150 combat pay after so long while these rich generals accept p100,000 bribes with a grin on their face and a sneer in their hearts.

    Last year it was "coup alerts" and "terror warnings". This year they've stepped up to killing the very people they're supposed to protect. My only question is: who's next? You? Your friends? Your family? Your children? They've already shown human life and human rights mean nothing to them if it interferes with their corrupt grip on the populace. So I ask again; who's next?

  4. I guess it is not proper to say that what had happened in the Makati Bombing was a Government diversion. Lots of people have died and were injured there. I guess the government will not do such a thing, especially, the site of the bombing was a commercial/business site… if ever there will be mess, it would not only affect/harm people… but also the economy… to destabilized a government, you first hit the heart of its power which is its ECONOMY. Yes, the government can do that too to make it look like it was done by the opposing party, but with imagine the long term effects of that… the entire state is more or less at stake here… So i really think that it was not the governments undertaking.

  5. "Duling" on this blog is "Ikugan" in another blog, with the same insane and inflammatory post, word for word. My personal assumption is that it was the JI (again), but the rabid comments by this person-of-two-names-but-one-message are leading me to believe maybe it was the handiwork of those with the ultimate crab mentality who want to bring down this govt. and replace it with…what? Oh, right, no answer for that. And blog posts like that are just spreading the propaganda. Sit down and shut up, whoever you are. If you want to change your world, then do something productive for it.

  6. i heard that there was already a group who claimed responsible for the incident. i say they picked the wrong location for a target. they should have planted it in malacanang instead. 😈

    why does authorities so eager to include the possibility of lpg explosion? if it were so, i think it should have started a fire. 😯

    lastly, my friend have the same theory as yours. :mrgreen:

  7. if you come to notice, please try to watch what happened at 911.some say its not the plane that destroyed the infrastructure but somewhat it started from the inside.maybe this is what they have done at g2.its just a way to distract the attention of the masses.the objective may not be the same but the planning does look can they say that the ji are the once who did it,wherein their closest commrades(abusayyaf) are being pursuid in the south,they are busy running and hiding. πŸ’‘ ❗

  8. tragic? yes!!! and so nostalgic too as this could truly be the start of yet another ploy to deceive the people that there are threats in the government and the residents of Paradise Philippines ( a new way of saying " I want to stay and no one or nothing can stop me " ).

    Well this is what I want to say in relation to the recent mischiefs that we suffered from the hands of this useless gover*****…."prepare for the might of the people….if this is what they want, then so be it…"

    masterofthe's last blog post..Bombs in Paradise Philippines Malls

  9. makes sense na may kinalaman and administrasyon… archenemies sila ni binay e… kung may pasasabugin man, e di ang makati na nga talaga…

  10. how could this bombing incident be something that will distract the people's attention when in fact, we are actually talking about the scandals and the corruptions of gma right now..

    i dont think the granstanding senators, and the president wannabes, the church would just forget about all the scandals of this administration, that's never gonna happen

  11. hmmm i really dont know what to think nowadays are country is suffering from the wrong doings of mankind, we cannot point are fingers to the person we just thought that has the capacity to do the bombings we need a concrete evidence to pointed it out. I am not against with the administration of gloria macapagal what i am just saying is be fair if you think you did something wrong why not say it; like what spiderman said "with the graet power comes great responsibility" but human are born greedy i hope each of us overcome that kind of attitude or else we or our next generation is only waiting to be doomed…

  12. tumulong na lang kayo .. kesa puro kayo pasikat. Try nyong tumulong hindi yung puro dakdak. Wala kayong pag kakaiba sa mga taong pinatatamaan nyo.. Tsk tsk feeling nyo alam nyong lahat.

  13. You're not alone with that thought. Some people have asked me why I try to "make sense" of what happened and know who the morons behind the explosion are, and I just say, "If only for justice to those who died." Is that hard to understand?

    Shari's last blog post..Pardon Erap? Pardon Me?!

  14. Ang tatanga talaga ng karamihan sa ating mga Pilipino. Niloloko at dinadaya na ng harap-harapan ng sarili nilang mga lider na binoto nila eh depensa pa rin ng depensa sa mahal nilang gobyerno at administrasyon. Diyos ko naman gumising naman kayo 'no. Ang tatanga talaga ninyo. Kaya nga yong ibang mga hindi tanga eh nah-aalisan na diyan at pumupunta sa ibang bansa kasi naman minority lang sila. Majority ng mga Pinoy mga tanga. Matuto naman sana kayong mag-isip paminsan-minsan…gamitin yong mga utak natin…kumuwestiyon. Wala namang masama sa pagtatanong at pangunguwestiyon ano. Learn to be critical thinkers rather be passive followers like sheeps. Kakainis na kasi eh.

  15. I think the anti-administration people bombed glorietta because they thought "Glorietta" belonged to "Gloria". I am not a Gloria fan here but I think there are people in this forum who are as smart as Trillanes, who blame Gloria for everything that happens even to their personal lives. These are similar to the "loose change" who blamed 9/11 attack on the Bush Administration. Here in the Philippines we also have our own version of blamers. We call them "loose brains".

  16. @Archer: Good job, you made no intelligble comments and were distracted by a minor detail. A sheep like the rest who believe everything they're told. With a govt. this corrupt you need to be rabid when you confront them or you get silenced with the rest. I posted the same comments on a few other sites the day of the bombing and for some "odd" reason, my post and a lot of other anti-gma posts were deleted "by accident". Changing names helped apparently, this post stayed.

    "…sit down, shut up whoever you are. If you want to change your world, then do something productive for it." And what have you done

    besides talk tough in your post? have you bled for your country? Have you had friends die for the sake of a greedy pig in office? Have you even tried to make a difference with deeds not words?…Didn't think so chubby. You want a better country? Then first destroy the cancer eating at all of us (you know what I mean) and replace it with forward thinking idealists like Trillanes.

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