Globe’s not only spamming, they’re stealing my aunt’s money

Globe’s not only spamming, they’re stealing my aunt’s money

Spam via mobile phones are among the ugliest things the SMS-addicted Pinoy faces on a daily basis. I am a victim, my friends are victims, but my aunt is really suffering because of it.

It all started days ago right before Christmas, my aunt, a fellow Globe subscriber approached me in her moment of despair and anger, all because Globe has not only been spamming her with alerts and useless wallpapers via MMS, they’re stealing her credits (ergo her money) each and every time!

Knowing that trying to deactivate that cursed subscription via keyword-based sms actions would be fruitless, I decided to call up Globe’s Customer Service and havSpam via mobile phones are among the ugliest things the SMS-addicted Pinoy faces on a daily basis. I am a victim, my friends are victims, but my aunt is really suffering because of it.

It all started days ago right before Christmas, my aunt, a fellow Globe subscriber approached me in her moment of despair and anger, all because Globe has not only been spamming her with alerts and useless wallpapers via MMS, they’re stealing her credits (ergo her money) each and every time!

Knowing that trying to deactivate them deactivate it from their end since it’s their fault anyways.

My goal was simple and I clearly stated it to the agent who picked up my call. The following though is not an exact account of the conversation, but I will be fair…honest!

Me: “I need to deactivate a subscription that sends wallpapers via MMS to my aunt’s Globe handyphone.”

Globe CSR: “Okay sir, ano po yung service number o saang service number nanggaling yung mga MMS?”

Me: “Mula sa 2346. Wallpapers daw via MMS. Paano ko i-dedeactivate ang subscription?”

Globe CSR: “Sir, first you need to know what particular service it is. Para po malaman nyo, mag-text kayo ng ‘CHECK’ sa 2346. Magrereply po iyon ng mga pangalan ng services na naka-subscribe ang tita nyo. Tapos, kung ano man po yung keyword for that service, i-text nyo lang, tapos space kasunod ang ‘OFF’ at i-send nyo sa 2346. Maghintay po kayo ng confirmation message.”

Me: “Ah, ok. So paano kapag na-deactivate ko na, pero may dadating pa rin na MMS alert? Kasi ginawa na namin ito before, that time polyphonic ring tones naman ang pinapadala ng Globe. Pero hindi naman nag subscribe ang tita ko, at worse, binabawasan ang kanyang load.”

Globe CSR: “Sir kung ganoon po uli ang mangyayari, tumawag po uli kayo sa Customer service at gagawan po namin ng report para aksyunan ng aming Technical Department. Sila po mismo, mula sa aming system ang magdedeactivate ng subscription.”

Me: “Kung mangyari nga iyon, ibabalik nyo ba yung kinaltas na load ng tita ko? Kasi hindi naman siya nagsubscribe to begin with, pero pinapadalhan pa rin siya.”

Globe CSR: “With regards to that sir, kailangan itawag nyo uli para magawan ng separate ng report at ma-forward uli sa Technical Department.” Maghihintay po kayo ng up to 5 working days para ma-process ito.”

Me: “Bakit ko pa kailangang tumawag uli para sa kinaltas na load eh, related at epekto lang naman ito ng main problem ng tita ko? Dagdag dun, kung sa Tech department nyo rin pupunta, bakit hiwalay na report pa?”

Globe CSR: “Ah, sige po sir. Isasama ko na rin po sa report na gagawin ngayon. Then hintay po kayo ng up to 5 working days for processing.”

Me: “Mas okay kung ganoon. Kung sakali man na even before mag 5 working days at makatanggap uli ng MMS ang tita ko at bawasan ang load nya, tatawag agad ako sa Customer Service.”

Globe CSR: “Yes sir. Tumawag na lang po uli kayo kung may concerns para ma-follow-up yung inyong report. Uhm, is there anything else I could help you with sir?”

Me: “Wala na sa ngayon.”

Globe CSR: “Thank you for calling Globe. Good bye sir.”

After that conversation, I followed her instructions by texting the keyword CHECK to 2346 and immediately I received a message that says that my aunt was subscribed to wallpapers. I then replied the keyword OFFkeyword of the service to 2346 and received a confirmation message that the subscription has been indeed turned off.

Peace at last for my aunt? Yeah right!

That was before New Year’s eve celebrations. Just this morning, January 2, 2008 my aunt approached me again with the very same problem! Globe is sending her more wallpaper images via SMS. However, this time around it’s not from 2346, but from another service number 2910.

Remember, my aunt never subscribed to such service so imagine her dismay, frustration and anger when this spam and credit-stealing MMS from Globe hit her mobile phone.

Recalling the same process given by Globe’s CSR a few days ago, I repeated the same process of deactivating the unsolicited subscription.

1) Text CHECK to 2910

2) It then returned a message saying that my aunt is subscribed to “UR MARKETPLACE WALLPAPER”

3) I was suppose to text OFFURMARKETPLACEWALLPAPER to 2910 but something was wrong. The service had three keywords! I knew it was not going to work but none the less I sent it to 2910 and prayed for the best.

Surprise, surprise, it did now work. So with another problem, I resorted to calling up Globe’s Customer Service once more.

Basically the same conversation took place, except for one disturbing and frustrating thing; the CSR agent told me that the service with the keywords “UR MARKETPLACE WALLPAPER” is not among their services! What the f*ck?! Then whose service is it? Touch Mobile’s?! Sun Cellular’s?!

Of course I did not yelled out those words to the CSR, I congratulated myself for being able to restrain myself. Instead, I calmly said, “So anong gagawin namin ngayon?” The agent told me that she will file a report (again) to the Technical Department and yes, we will have to wait for up to 5 working days, excluding weekends, for it to be processed. Ang lakas talaga nila mang-perwisyo no?

So now, today was Day 1, on to Day 2 tomorrow. But once my aunt receives another MMS from any other service number of Globe, they’ll definitely get an earful and a possibly a formal complaint through the NTC.

Any one else being spammed and robbed of their credits by Globe?

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  1. My aunt already know this. Strangely, Globe sends her new messages instead, that's why she had to ask for my help.

    You're correct in your experience, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's the same for everyone else. Too bad my aunt had a bad one with Globe.

  2. Actually Globe isn't the culprit, it's the content providers. Globe doesn't monitor their CPs. Once a Service is approved, it's now out of Globe's hands. 2346 is not used by Globe, a CP uses it. The problem is, those CPs are not disclosed so you don't know which is the culprit.

    Carlo's last blog post..My Chemical Romance in Manila

  3. BWISIT na 2346 yan. Nakakaasar talaga. Biruin mo, sa tuwing magloload ako ng 100 pesos, gagamitin ko sana for the whole 15 days before expiry, since hindi naman ako madalas mag text at tumawag, just to prevent my sim to expire,. aba… 3 araw lang, sa loob ng isang araw nagtetext sakin yan 2346 na yan at nababawasan ang load ko ng 15 pesos kada send nila sakin ng sms. Bwisit.

    Kaya ngayon hindi na ako magloload ng P100.00, pa 15-15 pesos nalang. O kaya eh magpapalit nalang ako ng SIM CARD. Kailangan mo pa kasi itext yung un-register command nung service para tigilan ka na nila, pero syempre pag magtetext ka may bayad parin na P2.50 !!!!

    Nakaw ang tawag dito, dahil hindi mo naman napakinabangan pero sadyang binabawas sayo ang load mo.

  4. i'm enraged! the same thing happened to me. i did not replied to any 2364 message nor subscribed to any of globe's services.

    i went to their customer service desk thrice but to no avail. they put the blame on a virus that never existed!! i had my phone checked at nokia care who assured me that there was no virus of any . but due to annoyance and irritation, i had it reformatted and installed with the latest version of OS. even after going through the horror of losing my important files and not to mention the irreplaceable memories stored in my celfon, 2364 kept draining my load. today, yet again, i went to a globe

    center and complained. they checked and rechecked my fon, accused me of subscribing to 2364, even accused members of our household of using my fon. i'm not into technical stuff but i can understand english perfectly. my celfon reads: "you do not have any subscription in 2346" as the arrogant customer service personnel manipulated my fon. i asked her if i'm not subscribed, then why the hell are you sending me all this crap and charging me for it? yet again, another blame was placed to a company commissioned by globe to provide such a scheming service. i do understand that there may be glitches of some sorts but PLEASE, spare me the trouble.. take some action..these services carry the name of globe. they should have checked if this services have a reliable system.

    i have been a globe subscriber since i bought my first phone.. this is the 1st time i encountered this problem.. but

    i am so damn pissed!! i really do hope this is the last time this happens.. 😡

  5. Jhay, sobrang polite mo bro kahit bad trip ka na. Alam ko wala naman talaga kasalanan ang mga CSR, pero hindi na ako nakapagpigil one time. Ang laki ng ninakaw nila sa load ko, hindi naman ako nagsa-subscribe. Let's just say malamang napayosi ang CSR pagkatapos namin mag-usap. 😈

    Warrior In Scrubss last blog post..THE FIRST NURSES WERE MEN

    1. Natuto na kasi akong magpigil ng galit.hehehe Kasi kapag nagalit ako, baka hindi na niya magawa ng ayos ang trabaho niya sa mga posibleng masabi ko sa kanya.

      Kawawa naman talaga ang mga CSR agents. tsk tsk tsk

  6. nice, salamat nagawan ng paraan ang pagkawala ng load ko because of this.. thx bwisit tlaga 2346.. katamad maglod tuloy, hassle nman magchange ng sim.. so ok na .. hay

  7. Ako sobrang satisfied sa service ng globe, sa tingin ko nasa user nalang un. Just make sure na naiintindihan nila yung nareceive nila na message. Usually marketing strategy un.. And there's always a way to turn off message alerts for free. Kaya until now hindi pa nila ko nabiktima. I've been using their services since 1996. Same with Smart.

  8. Hello, meron parin pala to until now.

    Meron sakin nag text na number 0915-1127676 … sabi niya was "WAAAH! Viki! Panalo si Lyka ng P50,000!!! Basta text TC to 2346 daw. Meron daw ulit today"…

    Na curious tuloy ako kung ano yung 2346 na yun … searched it sa google and ended up at your site. 😀 heheh

  9. same prob with my sister :)) laging alang load nawawala agad dhil dyan..

    isa lang ang alam kng solution dyan!

    magPALIT ng number wag nang magreply sa mga services/ offer ng globe XD

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