Globe’s new unlimited SMS service rates upsets users

I only heard of the new pricing scheme Globe has implemented for their unlimited SMS service or “UNLIMITXT” this afternoon when my fellow Lasallian volunteers showed me an SMS message that says the following:

We are asking for your cooperation as a Globe subscriber!
Globe UNLIMITXT SERVICE is now worse ever.
They are now implementing
P20/1 day
P40/2 days
& P80/4 days.
Pls don’t support their UNLIMITXT service as early as today until 2-3 weeks!
We want them to feel how rude they are in implementing such services!
Pls. pass!
Thank you!

As I arrived home from the university, I myself got the exact same message and still continue to receive it from others as I write this. It may sound offensive or others might misunderstand me for this, but I do not use Globe’s unlimited SMS service mainly because of the following factors:

  • My important contacts are split-even between Smart/Talk ‘n Text/Addict subscribers and Globe/Touch Mobile subscribers.
  • I’ve grown tired of relentlessly forwarding SMS quotes or spending hours upon hours sending and actually chatting via SMS. But if you’re a close friend or important person, I wouldn’t mind spending all my credits just to send you a message.
  • My school and non-school work has gotten reached the level that actual phone calls would do the job rather than sending an SMS message that might not be read, received or worse, misunderstood.

Okay, enough of me. The rest of the Globe subscribers who have loved the UNLIMTXT service are not happy. Well, at least the ones I know of, still I agree that the new rates are a bit too pricey. The most affected by these would be highschool students whom unlike the college-level Globe subscribers, are on a very tight budget. Before the new rates, all we need is just P10 (about $0.18) and we’re free to send as many SMS messages as humanly possible for the next 24 hours of your registration. Now, we must pay twice as much for us to enjoy the same service.

Will the new rates decrease the number of Globe’s UNLIMITXT subscribers? What do you think of the new rates? Will the call of a two to three week boycott of the service as mentioned in the circulating SMS message materialize? What would Globe say about all this?

Already, there’s an interesting string of feedback over at Pinoy.Tech.Blog

Update: The boycott campaign has now turned into a ‘rebellion’ as said on the latest version of the circulating SMS message:

Pls help our campaign to bring back the P15, P25, & P50 UNLIMITXT SERVICE.
We need 1 million messages to bring it back.

I wonder how would we know if we have reached the 1 million mark? Still, I suppose it’s a worthy cause, a lot of friends who are Globe subscribers are already raging mad.

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  1. Hey, I’m a college-level subscriber, but I’m still on a tight budget. Not everyone who goes to college has lots to spend. I understand why you aren’t using the service, but this move by Globe means a lot to us who do. I’m slipping my Sun SIM back on again for now.

  2. Of course Aja. I meant it in comparison to highschool students. 😀

    And thanks for reminding us that there’s always the ‘Sun Network’ as an alternative. 😆

  3. The entire thing makes me think if I should continue using my Globe SIM. I use it mainly because my closest friends are on Globe and I’m on Smart and Smart Addict Mobile postpaid does not have unlimited services.

    But that’s interesting. A rebellion. Hmmm. I’m curious to how this turns out.

  4. I’m a mom. My children go gaga over this unlimited text of these telecom companies.

    Come to think of it, this unlimited offer is one way of promoting/encouraging nonsensical texting. Kasi nga unlimited – e di, sige, text lang ng text, kahit hindi naman importante. It is distracting and doesn’t do anything good, in my opinion.

    Thank you for sharing this info. Now I can warn my kids.

  5. Apparently I’m one of those not affected by this (except via the forwards regarding this issue I keep getting from friends). I’m one of those early postpaid plan subscribers who have actually been screwed over multiple times by Globe — we pay more (our subscription rates never lowered to keep up with the lower and lower prices for other, newer services) for less (because the promos are geared mostly to newer, pre-paid subscribers). It’s funny how something like this causes an uproar when Globe hasn’t exactly been fair in… well, years.

  6. hi jhay! long time no comment ako ah. well, im back =). i agree with you about this unli service. nung umuwi ako, i hardly subscribed to it. parang nadadaya ako. hehehe. eniweys, i heard somewhere that smart is offering new cheap text rates. at least may choice pa rin ang texting population.

  7. Though I share opinions with rhodora, I still think the new pricing scheme is way too much.

    Darwin is right, just last night, a friend of mine told me that he just bought a TM(Touch Mobile) SIM card, he just made the switch…well, partially. 😉

    Has anyone received new versions or updates about the 'Globe Rebellion'?

  8. Same here, I do not use the unlimitxt service for I am not an SMS freak. I’d rather make a phone call for important matters than send an SMS.

    But yeah, it’s too pricey but please think of the fact that before there’s no unlimited sms service and everyone managed to maintain a subscription.

  9. I just received a text message from a friend of mine who knows someone from Globe, his message said that the original rates for the UNLIMITXT service would be returned on February 16, 2007.

    If it’s true, it means the ‘Globe Rebellion’ has succeeded? 😉

  10. The text brigade to ask people to boycott is self-defeating.

    That’s like the time I sent everyone an e-mail about how annoying and useless spam is and asked them to send the mail to ten of their friends in the next 24 hours.

    You can tell that didn’t work, either.

  11. 💡 naku ive just been a subscriber(again)of globe for almost 3 weeks then i get this message na tumaas ang rates anu namang klase yun diba.san ba mapupunta yun?utility bills nila dahil sa pagimplement ng 3G?hhmmm i wonder

    antayin ko magka3g ang sun, dun na ako.maayos na rin naman ang network nila eh.

  12. Yes, the new rate of Globe "UNLIMITXT" is too pricely… kaya ngayon, Im not using the unlimitxt service… maybe I could shift to another network.

  13. True, it hurts that they increased the rates, but hey thart's why it is called a promotion becasue it is not PERMANENT.

    Let's just change networks w/o making it known to them (text brigades etc.) it hurts more if they notice all of a sudden they'ld lose theur subscribers w/o them knowing it.

  14. here in mindanao, mura naman pro ang problema ay hindi ka nkaka unli ng diretso kasi maraming nka register sa promo…may unlitxt10 naman d2…

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