Globelines upgrades broadband speeds

Just after posting the entry about ‘why I didn’t buy an iPod‘ this morning, my Globelines broadband (or dsl, honestly what’s the difference?) connection was lost for the remainder of the day and until the writing of this post. I tried to call their customer service but the lines were busy, on the second call all I got was a machine-recorded message saying that the network is being restored after some upgrades blah blah blah.

I was a bit furious because I still had to send a few e-mails to my professor and fellow Lasallian volunteers when the connection was lost, and this is the very first time it has happened ever since I subscribed to Globelines [tag]broadband[/tag]. I did so over the choices of [tag]PLDT MyDSL[/tag] or BayanTel because of the following reasons: the complaints from my schoolmate who’s been suffering from the lack-luster quality of connection and customer support of PLDT MyDSL for almost a year now, the knowledge that Sir Allan has had enough of his PLDT MyDSL’s sluggish performance as well and finally Ms Connie Veneracion’s own words; ‘PLDT’s MyDSL really suck

So despite the competition and the mildly stiffer costs, I signed up for the Express Unlimited package of Globelines broadband, it’s their entry package priced at Php 995.00 per month at 384kbps. I was happy and content with the service since my tests had shown that I was getting around 70-80% of the speeds I signed up to pay for. Until this morning when the connection was lost.

After making two calls to their customer service and hearing the pre-recorded message about the network upgrade, I remembered the radio ad that I heard yesterday about the new promos by [tag]Globelines broadband[/tag] and rumors that they will be upgrading the connection speeds of their packages. So when I got to school, I went online to check out Globelines’ website for details about their supposed new promo.

What I saw had me smiling the whole day.

Globelines Broadband upgrade

Yes, from now on, I’ll be surfing the net along with the other Globelines subscribers at 512kbps speeds that we would normally pay extra for, but now it’s all for free. πŸ™‚

To verify, prove and confirm this good news, I did some speed tests again just to make sure I wasn’t being fooled. Using’s speed test, I compared my previous speeds at 384kbps to the newly upgraded speed at 512kbps.

My old speeds:

Old Speeds @ the specified 384kbps
To my new speeds:

New speeds @ the specified 512kbps
It’s so much better and still within the 70% mark. I just hope that there would be no hidden and costly surprises attached to this upgrade and that the satisfactory service would remain the same. Yebah!

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  1. mahal pa rin. palagi kong pinagmamayabang sa kapatid at bf ko na connected ako at 100mbps dito, 24/7 walang paltos. at minsan nakakakonek ako sa wi-fi ng 11mbps, for free =)

  2. that's what i like here in the US, the technology is more advanced. like the internet, here in the house i get 1384 kbps for downloads and 670 kbps for upload for only $20.

  3. Hi Jhay, I use cable and I'm very satisfied. I rarely have problems with customer service and they even call me through my cel for updates and other info. Its quite expensive though, but what the heck, its all worth it. Incidentally, Destiny has a promo that offers unlimited surfing for P999. The catch is you have to have a friend who will apply with you. Now that's not bad.

  4. @ eric: I know that among the ISPs in the country, Globelines has the some of the highest rates but from my experience and location, the costs are all worth it.

    @ riadiosa: Mahal pa rin talaga dito sa Pinas, kakaiinggit nga dyan sa US o ibang bansa, mura na taas pa talaga ng mga speeds.

    @ jaypee: Waaa! Lalo ako nainggit. πŸ˜‰ Check out ko World Cup post mo. hehe

    @ Schumey: Cable internet is not yet available here in the provinces. The big names in Philippine cable has not yet established a good presence here in the countryside. Maybe if there are cable internet services offered here, I would've signed up for those instead. Right now though, I'm quite satisfied with Globelines broadband.

  5. good for you!
    yan ang reklamo ko pag umuuwi ako sa pinas,dial up at goshh,di maka connect kahit na mail account ko lang di ko maopen.

  6. when will the ISPs provide higher bandwidth to its customers at affordable prices? i mean, they have provided dsl/broadband internet connection for a very long time but still marginal improvements.

    i heard Globe offers 3mbps at some areas but haven't seen any promos here in cavite, only in alabang.

  7. Globelines has a new excuse now,

    They have been telling me that they are working on my dsl connection for the past 10 days and every time i call they say they are doing a facility repair in my area. And of course they have no idea when it will be finished.

    Guess facility repair excuse replaces the old system restoration that last for months excuse.

    I have been testing my connection by pinging sites and getting major packet loss sometimes 100% loss of information.

    Sites like google or yahoo cant be found or take too long to respond or sometimes won’t load all the way. Speed tests stop midway thru.

    Now this problem has been getting worse everyday for the past 10 days, yesterday internet was totally unusable for about 18 hours.

    Calling Globelines customer service is equally bad now, high volume of calls (probably lots of people with complaints about their service) even after midnight i still get the auto message they are having high volume of calls and then placed on hold for a half hour and have to listen to their 10 second ad’s play over and over about their new super service (haha).

    Now this is if you actually get thru and not get a busy signal for 3 hours like i did one morning.

    Having to dial for 3 hours then placed on hold for a half hour and have the cs reps tell me the same thing every day for the past 10 days that their tech’s are working on my connection and it will be fixed as soon as possible.

    Globelines has some serious problems with their service, not sure if they don’t have the staff to service their customers or if the people they have are just incompetent.

    If they can’t complete a facility repair in 10 days and if i believe the customer service reps who say their tech’s are working on it then i would have to guess that they need to hire some professionals to replace the clowns they currently employ.

    The sad thing is the customer service rep’s will continue read that lame excuse for weeks and try to convince you that they are on the job haha…Almost forgot they even said my bill would be automatically adjusted due to the ongoing facility repair which is a lie ( i really don’t know if the cs reps really believe that stuff they tell us) But i know for a fact globelines won’t automatically rebate my money for poor service.

    A sample of Globeline’s dsl quality after their techs work on your connection for 10 days. (still unusable)

    Results of ping test to globelines


    Packets Sent:24

    Packets Received:7

    Packets Lost:17(70% loss)

    Response time Minimum:62ms

    Response time Maximum:63ms

    Response time Average:62ms

    Great job Globelines

  8. Calling 211 results in network busy signals for hours and hours now, Calling at 1am if you get thru the first part and have the auto answerer pick up it will still put you on hold for who knows how long due to a high volume of calls at 1am.

    Having problems with my dsl internet service this entire month. Called on July 2nd report loss of internet, July 3rd Globelines starts with the Facility repair excuse and no idea when that will be completed. They assure you their tech are working as fast as possible. Two weeks later the internet works for 2 days in a row then another 18 hour loss of internet. Called customer service they informed me they were doing a facility repair? I asked him when that started and he said yesterday, I followed up with what about that 2 week facility repair that started on the July 3rd that globelines said was to blame for my useless internet?

    That's when they go into their we apologize for the inconvenience.

    Called again the next day and globlines informs me that i am not part of the ongoing facility repair and they will send a tech out to the house in 4 days? Of course no tech showed up that day they scheduled.

    Internet continues to work once in a while with 18 hour outages. Called Customer service yesterday at 2pm and they informed me there is a ongoing system restoration in my area which means the globelines tech's are too busy to investigate and fix your connection so wait a while a couple weeks or so and maybe they will fix it then.

    So to recap, first report of internet not working July 2nd, Facility repair for 2 weeks did not fix my problem, Another facility repair that i may or may not of been a part of depending on which cs agent you talk to, and now a System restoration that started July 24th that will last for weeks or months. Asking customer service how long their maintenance's will take and they have no idea. Call a month later and its likely they are still blaming your internet problems on some facility repair and they still have no idea how long it will last.

    Getting a internet connection fixed by globelines is getting to be almost impossible, the customer service exists to read a page of lies to you and to apologize a hundred times for their terrible service and to assure you they will fix it as soon as possible.

    When a customer has to call 15 times a month trying to get the service they are paying this company for its apparent globelines is not capable of being a internet provider on any level. Expecting their customers to wait for months for stable internet while providing nothing but facility repair and system restoration excuses, sorry for the inconvenience and we are working as fast as possible crap.

    When you point out that they have been saying the same thing for over 3 weeks, the exact same thing for 3 weeks, no new information at all on why your connection is not being fixed but rest assured they are working as fast as possible to fix your connection.

    Globelines is a bad joke, they count on their customers to accept their lame excuses for weeks or months

  9. The famous Facility checkup…. i haven’t got any internet connection for around 10 days total due to this facility checkup. Technical support from globe gives me the same answer every time I call them. They’ll send a technician but they’ll just cancel it due to the checkup. I am really disappointed by globe’s services. No internet connection for 10 days in 2 weeks. Setting up wrong expectations about the technicians (they told me that a technician will be coming in tomorrow, when I followed it up, it will take around 3 days for them to come at our location). No advisory for their “facility checkup”. By far, it’s really a BAD investment when it comes to globe internet connection. I just want to share this up. Another bad thing is, if you try to terminate the contract due to the enormous stress and inconvenience that the situation brought, they’ll expect you to pay up for an amount of P5000.00 for the termination process. I only got the internet connection last October 16, but I haven’t experienced it at least 30 days and they expect me to pay P5000.00. That’s really unfair, even if I’m on a lockup period. I really hope that there is something to be done with this situation because as far as I’m concerned, I’m not the only one experiencing this frustration.

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