Globelines broadband technicians checked my line yesterday

It was a surprise visit from Innove/Globelines broadband’s technicians that filled up the rest of my afternoon yesterday. While in the middle of installing new plugins for the The Four-eyed Journal, my father called out to me saying that there were people from Globelines who wanted to see me.

It was really puzzling because I did not request for a home visit from their technicians because my broadband connection has been normal these past few months: slightly intermittent (I have to restart the modem every three hours just to get a connection again), woefully slow during lunch time and in the prime time hours of the evening and maxing out at 350kbps out of the 512kbps advertised connection speed for my subscription package.

Was it a routine subscriber-by-subscriber line check? I hope so, but ever since I blogged about being interviewed by the Probe TV for their broadband consumer woes feature (which will be aired this coming Wednesday on ABS-CBN 2 at 11pm), it generated a renewed buzz about the quality of service we subscribers are recieving from our internet services providers, the big telcos in our country, PLDT-SMART, Globelines/Innove and Bayan DSL etc.

More so, I recieved a message from segment producer Sir Art Fuentes that he was told that Globelines would soon get in touch with me because of my not-so-good albeit unsatisfactory subscription with their broadband service. Finally things are improving eh?

The right tool

They used this tool to diagnose my home connection.By the looks and demeanor of the two Globelines/Innove technicians that visited me yesterady, it meant that for once they were serious in providing an ordinary subscriber like me the service and support I deserve. They were so serious they sent me highly-trained technicians if not engineers, who had the proper uniforms, black leather shoes (the previous ones wore sandals) and the clincher, a handy yet powerful tool for checking and diagnosing my telephone and internet line.

The device that looked like the mother-of-all mobile phones was an Acterna HST-3000c. Which is like THE testing tool for ADSL or VoIP engineers, technicians and servicemen. I did some Googling around and here’s some uber-geek talk about the HST-3000c:

Acterna’s HST-3000 all-in-one tester delivers comprehensive copper testing including DVOM, TDR, Wideband TIMS, spectral analysis, and Resistive Fault Location. Technologies and services such as datacomms (V series interfaces, Frame relay) and E1/T1 are supported, comprehensive and easy to use interfaces mean difficult problems on premium services are identified and rectified quickly. It also supports ADSL over POTS, ADSL over ISDN, and G.SHDSL support with xTU-C/R modem emulation. 10/100BT Ethernet interface allows the HST-3000 to segment problems to the PC, CPE, and network. With its optional on-board IP and VoIP testing capabilities, the HST-3000 can validating VoIP service connectivity, feature availability and voice quality. In addition, it provides comprehensive features, including signaling, IP ping, packet statistic and trace route analysis to identify, diagnose and sectionalize VoIP network and equipment problems.

The highlighted part tells it all. The technicians came to check my line, and from what they told me, to gather some initial data or parameters regarding the state and quality of their physical facilities which is one the causes of my broadband woes. This data would then be the basis of some future actions they would undertake to improve their services here in our corner of Cavite.

Hopefully this is true, will come true and would come true. Sana lang po talaga. Instead of some gesture to pacify disgruntled subscribers and to sway us from further spreading (read: blogging) negative but actual consumer rating and feedback.

Two errors

The technicians tested the line to gather data about the quality of service.“May dalawang error” this is what I constantly heard from the two Globelines technicians as they first tested the phone line via the box inside my room. From what I glanced on the HST-3000c’s screens, they did IP ping tests, traceroute tests, even measured the distance of my residence from their facilities which were some 4 kilometers away (Probably that cabinet of circuit or switch boxes at our Town Plaza).

Afterwards, they tested the connection using my PC and used their own online bandwidth meter tool over at Embarrassingly, the first test showed that my bandwidth speed was below 50kbps! So he did another test and it returned with a better result, it was now rated as somewhere between 390kbps to 420kbps, which is what my normal speeds should be given that my package is rated at 512kbps.

They did the same tests all over again this time around via the main telephone line coming from the street posts to the box outside my house. Again they got the same results, with the first run showing “two errors” while the other succeeding tests showing a “clean” connection. (Yeah right!)

After completing their tests, they told me to keep on monitoring the connection and standby for future calls from them to check up on the state of the connection or coordinate some future action they would be taking to improve their service. I sure hope that they will do so.

They also told me that they were making rounds, visiting each Globelines broadband subscriber from Laguna to Cavite, which is a good thing and something they should’ve done months ago. Everyone knows that connection disruptions do happen from time to time. So what’s important is to have an efficient, effective and strong customer suport that will ease subscriber woes and aggravation instead of making it more worse. If the all the telcos would do this, more and more subscribers will rant and blog about how good their ISPs are instead of bad-mouthing them in the blogosphere. And I’m sure they already know how potent and powerful the local blogosphere has become nowadays.

So is there anyone else who got the same visit from their service providers?

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  1. I hate Globelines’ intermittent internet connection! I hate the way my connection gets suddenly disconnected for no reason, and whenever I call their Customer Support, they always give me the “Sorry but we’re currently undergoing network restoration” excuse. If only I had a choice, I would change my ISP.

    Anyway, I’ve got another problem with Globelines. Last week I received my bill statement (for both the phone and the internet) and it contains phone calls I DID NOT MAKE. Not very good. I’ll be writing about this in my blog this week.

    1. elo…i just want to add a complaint or two from my experience with globelines…we had our globe phoneline and broadband 385kbps transferred from sikatuna (cebu) to banilad (cebu) and inquiring beforehand the charges that wud b reflected on our bill in doing so..we only had to pay 2thousand for the transfer. unfortunately, in the following weeks after the transfer, our phone line had no dial tone, the internet didn't work at all and wen we asked wat the problem was, they just told us that globlelines wud send someone to check our phoneline and then the next day, the phoneline magically worked! and then the next day, it died again. afterwards we received 3 bills for the month of february with different charges. there were no explainations as to wat these were for. of course, fearing permanent disconnection and probably having to pay reconnection fees, we had to pay…and then from then on, everything was ok…like nothing happened…we have a record of the monthly bills that we receive from globelines as well as the payments that we made and as far as i know, we paid our bills on time if not in advance…it just adds to consumer frustration… 👿

  2. I guess it helps when you get interviewed by The Probe. Hopefully hindi yan ningas kugon and they'd keep it up. Also, sana hindi lang ikaw but lahat ng Globelines subcriber eh bigyan nila ng ganyan na attention and support. 🙂

  3. well they finally had their 'visit' after a week. The connection keeps getting disconnected but the modem doesn't blink. So the 'modem-install person' (he's not a tech, he said), changed my modem to a spanking new prolink H9300G modem/router from a speedtouch 511E, and he said the problem is with the modem.

    However, i noticed that some online games "freeze" for 1 to 3 secs (sometimes up to 5, which looks like I'll be dropped, but suddenly returns in a flurry to update the game's status). Like in gg-client, the joined a host with a ping of 67 and we're all having good pings <100ms. The game stutters once in a while. And it's not my pc's fault.

    I think the Prolink 9300g just have a little more tolerance when it comes to lags or spikes or whatever it is that's causing the speedtouch 511e to disconnect. And i'm still waiting for that 2nd on-site visit (which i guess would come exactly this christmas or, probably next year…grrr)

    But my internet would stay up to a day straight with no disconnects.

    If I had a choice I'll go with other providers and try them first. I noticed that a globe connection will have a hard time playing with those hosted by PLDT (but not with bayantel) because it seems that it goes to singapore or to some country before going to PLDT? Try tracert at the cmd prompt and u'll see a long list of servers. Try tracert and it's shorter.

    Perhaps NTC should step in and investigate this "re-routing" scheme because its the subscribers who suffer (only the MMDA rerouts)!!

  4. don't ever waste a second on globelines or dont even think about it

    they really suck

    im having already 3 months of intermittent connection

    everytime i call to their Customer Support

    “Sorry but we’re currently undergoing network restoration”

    i've been listening to these more than a month

    ilang beses na pumunta mga technicians ng globelines kaso mga hindi marunong

    hindi kasi nila ako maloloko, eh networking engineering ako eh

    sabi ko nga sa kanila server nila may deperensiya hindi sa amin

    importante lang sa kanila makapagreport sa HQ na ok na daw

    few hours after the visit intermittent na naman

    hay nako talga….

    wag kayo mag globelines if you have a choice

  5. hello!!! can somebody please help me with this concern?… i purchased wireless broadband and connection was really great for internet. But i still have one concern becase globe wireless package is with telephone so monthly is 1,295. But how do we know our wireless #? because until now its been 4 days but still i cant make outgoing calls and definitely we cant receive calls for the reason that we do not know the #… Please help me if somebody knows about this one. Thank you and more power.

  6. hah! globelines never really change. lucky for those who get their attention. i mean, good they try to work on that, but i hope it applies to all.

    same intermittent connections i’ve been having over the past 2 months and they can’t really do anything about that. funny how they call those people who come over as on-site “technical support” when they can’t do much with the technical problems. lol. ironic. funny.

    i guess for all those who are having very bad internet connection, just switch to another provider (if it’s applicable in your area). lock-in period? nah.. write to their manager or whoever, stating your reasons why you want to drop their service. they won’t get a cent off you when it’s their shame you’re feeding them.

    or in some remote areas where only globebroadband net is available, go on bug them about your rebate, monthly, or as often as needed. by this, they’d know how much they actually “owe” you because of their stupid service.

    you can use your logged internet sections on your service account HERE to be your basis of your net dcs.

  7. good this i read this blog!

    i was trying to switch in globlines broadband because i do not receive this right speed at bayan dsl

    my speed must be 768kbps

    but on my speed test result i only got 22kbps

    wich is more slower that a dial up connection!

    i called their customer support hotline but they said that the problems came from my system!

    how could it be? my computer is newly reformatted and check if thers a part that needs a replacement they found no replacement needed so how will it be!

    i dont know what isp will i choose!

    i cannot apply at pldt because we still have a balance of 24k

    wich is not a easy money!

    pls send your answer to my friendster

    tell me wich isp is the best for the area of manila!

  8. Im a globe line subscriber too, and i am very dis appointed in their service. Almost every week 2 – 3 days ako walang internet. Pag tumatawag ako sa customer service wala din nman cla maibigay na paliwanag at aksyon. Etoa pa, I wanted to terminate their service, pinagbabayad pa ako ng termination fee…. Di pa ba sapat yung inconvenience at hassle n nararanasan ko everytime n walang inernet connection

  9. tuwing madaling araw ko lang nararamdaman ang plan ko na 1mbps. sa umaga wala na. minsan pa mabagal narin pag madaling araw.ilan beses narin kami tumatawag wala rin nangyayari. kahirap kaya kumita ng pera tapos yun binabayaran mo eh palpak pa

  10. mga sir and mam bago lng pa po ako sa forum na ito,,, nagpakabit po ako ng globe internet(795php) package last october 2009..den hinde pa umabot ng 1 month pumunta na ako sa globe to complain about sa internet connection ko na napakabagal,,,den for almost 8 months hindi na ako nakakatanggap ng bills nila dahil pina disconnect ko na,,and i signed some documents sa globe na nagsasabi na formal na po akong nag pa disconnect ng internet nila…and 8 months ko na rin po hindi ginamit ang internet.. ..den kahapon(june 26,2009) sinubukan ko lng i connect ang globe yun naka access pa ako sa internet? ano po bang ibig sabihin nito?malalaman ba nila na nakaka access pa ko sa internet nila?magbabayad pa po ba ako?tnx..pls do reply wi;; be a great help po me at

  11. bka po pwedeng puntahan nyo po kmi dito sa snta. cruz laguna dito po sa brngy caliios kay mr conrado balubayan kasi po hindi po namin magamit internet bka pde pkiayos nyo nman

  12. bobong globelines yan! 4 technicians n nagpabalik balik para gawin tong internet nilang bulok na palaging nadidisconnect! improve mo naman system mo globe! nagbabayad kami.sana tapatan nyo ng magandang service! daig ma daig kau ng pldt!

  13. Hi,Sir and Madam
    Nag pakabit po ako ng globe internet( 795php) Last january 15 2010 Ipapadisconnect ko na po this coming july, Lilipat na po kme ng haus ng husband ko, Sino po pwede ko makausap,para sa nalalapit na july,2011 God bless and THank you to all,,,,,,

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