Globelines broadband speed cannot be upgraded in Silang, Cavite

For the past 6 months now, I’ve been quite satisfied with my Globelines Broadband subscription. Speed and reliability of the connection has been stable and good during that time.

My subscription package is the GENTxt Express Unlimited which I signed up for more than two years ago. It’s maximum rated speed is 384kbps but it was upgraded to 512kbps last July of 2006 for free. It was a very welcomed move from Globelines/Innove.

However, things have changed and so did my internet needs. Now that we have two computers, a desktop and my laptop, running at home we need a faster internet connection because in today’s standards, you need at least 1Mbps to keep the two machines surfing smoothly in the internets.

So last Friday, I was bent on asking Globelines to upgrade my internet connection speed to 1Mbps and be willing to pay for it, even though it will expose me to more of their crappy services.

But lo and behold! I was immediately subjected to it! The customer support agent that I talked to personally told me that speed upgrades are not possible in my area, Silang, Cavite, because Globelines is still having problems in it.

What the f*ck?! It’s been more than two years now and Globelines/Innove is still having problems in my hometown?! This brings back the impression that among its service areas, Silang, Cavite is in the least of its priorities. They care very little about their paying customers here even though we have stayed with them despite all the frustrations, anguish and bad customer services they have given us.

I asked when will it be possible to upgrade my connection speed, the agent told me that he doesn’t know because Globelines/Innove has made no advisory as to when it would be possible, meaning when would they fix their problems here in Silang, Cavite?

Again, this smacks true of the impression that we Silanguenos are indeed not that important to Globelines/Innove. By the looks of it, all they care about is our money, never mind that we suffer from intermittent and crappy connections and customer support services as long as we are riding out the storm and diligently paying our bills. Greedy capitalists!

Hello to Globelines/Innove management, when would you “fix your problems” here in Silang, Cavite? I hear the company has made great profits last year, would you care to invest some of that to improve your services and facilities here or pocket it right away?

If Globelines/Innove would want to keep us customers in Silang, Cavite in the “backwater” of internet broadband services then I would no longer have any of it. In the weeks to come, I’ll find a way to secure my self a PLDT MyDSL subscription. I’ve have almost, almost have enough of Globelines/Innove’s crappy, really crappy services!

Update (of sorts)

Right after finishing the draft of this post, I called up their Customer Service Center to inquire when would they “fix their problems” in Silang, Cavite. The agent who took my call told me that there was no such problem in my area, Silang, Cavite, meaning I could have my speed upgrade.

What the f*ck?! That agent in Globelines’ business center in SM City Dasmarinas has either lied to me or completely rejected my request for an upgrade based on an information that a fellow Globelines customer support agent that puts it in dispute.

The agent I talked to on the phone told me that they had an experience wherein a customer from Cavite (the same area) was rejected at one Globelines business center but was granted the upgrade request at another. I find this ridiculous because why bother to go to another, which is farther, Globelines business center when they all connect to the same system (assuming that they do because otherwise it would be another stupid thing) that provides them with information necessary to conduct business?

She also told me this things happen when it is “puno na or wala nang available capacity” in the area, meaning their facilities could no longer accommodate additional lines in the area. But I’m not requesting for another line, I’m after upgrading my current and existing line.

Puzzled, she told me that she would make a report about this and forward it to their technical support group and the same Globelines Business center in SM City Dasmarinas. Also, she, again, promised me that someone from their end would contact me within the next 48 hours. To be honest, I’m not really expecting that call to materialize because of all the previous times they promised to call, no one, not a single call EVER came.

So after lunch today, I’d once more visit the same damned Globelines Business center, look for the very same agent who either lied to me or simply rejected my request and clear this matter up. I do hope the conversation would remain civil and cordial because as of now, I am not in a very good mood.

Thank you for ruining my weekend Globelines/Innnove. You sure are the best in the world! (big NOT!)

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  1. To whom did you converse with in Globelines SM Dasma? Two of them happen to live just across the street. Boy or girl? Kapitbahay naming tunay. Hehehe πŸ™‚

    Perhaps we availed their broadband promo on the same date. But we opted to subscribe to the silver one (forgot ko na, basta silver yun). I also felt the “free” upgrade after a year, from 1 mbps to a whopping 2. Bumilis nga uli internet connection namin after a few months with a new adsl+2 router so now, I don’t know its current speed.

    My share: For 3 months, we were not able to pay our bills. For two months, our internet connection has been cut off. However, we still receive two consecutive billing statements, accumulating our balances to 7K. Like… f*ck? You still charge us while we’re disconnected? I complained to both of our neighbors slash Globelines CSRs about this ish and told me our account is still active. Like… f*ck? How the f*cking come you’re telling me our acct is not disconnected? Of course I didn’t say that, but that’s according to their database. They are suggesting that we have problems in our modem or our line so they sent a request for an on-site visit to our house. After 48 years, still no tech people arrived. I called 171 and, with an angry tone of English/Bisaya mix, I complained again. I didn’t give any hint about our balances. You know what they found out? According to the tech people assigned in Dasmarinas, they have already checked our house, fixed our lines and replaced our modem on May 31.

    F*ck. We had no visitors on that date. I was out, but my mom, my kuya, and my two younger brothers were here the whole day.
    So talagang puntong Dasmarinenyo ay nagreklamo ako about the impudence of those tech people who made the explicitly false report. Mega apologize naman Globelines CSR (without knowing we still have balances) so they directly reported everything to the area chuvachenes (I forgot his term) here in Dasma, coordinated with the supervisor (perhaps in the main office) to give proper sanctions to the tech people. They again requested another on-site visit to our house. The call lasted an hour. (Thank God it’s toll free)

    Now, our Internet connection is back, thanks to the tech people who visited and at the same time were not aware that on-site visits to our place are requested. Sinibak daw yung head nilang delinquente. Hehehe.

  2. And oh, about the call, they would normally call a week after. May tumawag sa 'king cp number with the number 739-2500 (which I initially thought ay yung employer ko from the US) asking about our Internet connection problems. I didn't mention this, but aside from my outgoing calls, I received 2 calls from Globe relaying the same complaints. I had 6 calls all in all.

    1. The call NEVER came. I called their Customer service hotline last night and they said that information from the Business Centers are more reliable because they are the ones who are more up to date with system information about their are of operation or concern.

      So yeah, that killed any chance of me being able to upgrade the speed of my broadband subscription.

      Globelines Broadband really, really, really sucks!

  3. Hello sir.

    I am also from Cavite, specifically Imus area (around Buhay na Tubig, near Daang Hari going to Alabang).

    I've been on Digitel for around 3 months now, and it was certainly disappointing. I'd love to switch to PLDT, coz it proved to be (so far) the best internet service provider in this area. (I was a happy PLDT myDSL user for 3 years in my old Imus home. Switched to Digitel after lipat-bahay) Unfortunately, my new home doesn't have a PLDT Cabinet, so I was thinking of switching to Globe.

    I have questions though

    >> Can Globe handle online games from International Servers?

    (Digitel can't. I get disconnected every 2 minutes from the game)

    >> How does it fare with torrent downloads and direct downloads?

    >> How often/seldom does Globe have down times?

    Off topic:

    Is it possible to request for a PLDT line even if there is no existing cabinet in my subdivision?

    Kenneths last blog post..Food Supplement Follies

    1. I have no experience with using Digitel's DSL services but from what I've been hearing and as you've shared it's not a pretty good service.

      As per Globe's broadband services, their speed and reliability in our area has improved this year. Since January 2008 I haven't experienced any loss of connections. So far, their connection has been stable.

      I also did not have any problems downloading torrents with my Globelines Broadband connection, you just have to do some technical configuration to your router to enable "port forwarding", well in my case because I use uTorrent as my torrent client.

      Playing online games with Globelines is quite decent. You do get connected fast to the game servers.

      From what I've heard, the telcos are provided only a limited number of "slots" per area so that the other phone companies could come in and offer their services as well. Since there are no PLDT lines in your area, might as well go with Globe, if it's available, because PLDT may have already used up all their allotted slots or they have not yet been given the go signal to offer their services in your area.

      Visit the nearest Globelines or PLDT business center to your home, they are the ones who can best help you with your questions.

      I hope I was able to answer your questions. And thank you for visiting my blog. πŸ˜€

  4. I very much would like to apologize for the double/triple post of comments. The page didn't load up many times. πŸ™

    I also use uTorrent, and I'm pretty much familiar with setting up the ports (but still doesn't do good. I still get dialup speeds on the torrents).

    Anyways, it's quite reassuring to hear about this. I just hope I'd be satisfied when I make the switch.

    I'm gathering as much info as I can about other ISPs in the area, and so far, you're one of the closest "neighbors" i've asked.

    Thank you very much for answering my queries.


  5. hello! So which network is much better in terms of internet connection? We’re going to move in Dasma this week and I need to get a new internet line. I was thinking of getting SUn broadband, what do you think? We are around sabang Dasma.

    1. Hi Jovz,

      This post was originally posted back in 2008, at around 2010 Globe Broadband speeds were upgraded to 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps. This is for landline connections.

      As for the wireless options, Globe Tattoo has poor HSDPA/3G reception in Silang, based on my own experience. The same for Smart Bro so speeds would be very slow. I haven’t tried Sun Broadband yet so I can’t say anything about it.

      The last time I was in Sabang, Dasma, the 3G/HSDPA reception on my Globe mobile phone was fair and so are the connection speeds.

  6. hi. good day kabayan!
    from Silang rin ako, specifically, in Biluso.

    Recently kasi, wala nang masagap “daw” na signal yung canopy namin ng smartbro..kaya naman, I’m looking for alternatives.

    myDSL is no longer an option dahil wala silang linya ng phone in our area. πŸ™

    so that leaves..
    -smartbro outdoor wimax
    -globe broadband
    -sun broadband

    actually, the 4g tattoo stick of globe somehow works acceptably (like in downloading from torrents, it normally has 90kbps download speed)..kaya im trying to consider globe broadband..but still, i dont know if same goes with their broadband. 😐

    thank you for reading my post.
    your kind reply would be much appreciated. πŸ™‚

    1. Hey! Buti pa sa inyo mabilis ang Tattoo stick. Sa mismong bayan/poblacion kasi, mabagal sya at mahina ang signal. I don’t have any experience using Smart Bro but from my friends who have used it, it really depends if your location has good 3G/HSDPA signal.

      I suggest you call Globe’s customer service and they’d be able to check if there are available lines in Biluso for their broadband service. It’s no longer available in poblacion as I checked just this last week.

      Globe broadband has been consistent in terms of speed. For most of the time, you’d get the speed of the package you signed up for. Problem is, if the connection gets lost, it goes out for days at a time. Overall, I would rate it 6 out 10 for Globe broadband.

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