Globe WAP Settings for LG Optimus One

One the best features of the LG Optimus One is how easy and fun it is to surf the web, send tweets, write down notes, manage email, update your Facebook status, etc. with the phone.

So if you need to be online even if there’s no Wi-Fi within range, you can always try your luck with one of the local telcos’ mobile Internet service. I’m a Globe Telecom subscriber and so far, I’ve had a fairly tolerable experience with their Globe Tattoo mobile Internet service in the rare moments I had used it.

After a few hours of using my LG Optimus One, Globe sent me its WAP settings supposedly matched to the specs of the phone. Unfortunately, all 6 of the settings sent to me did not worked right away. I had to call Customer Support in order to get the right configurations.

To help out my fellow LG Optimus One users who are also Globe subscribers, I share the settings which the Globe Customer Support agent gave me:

The important fields you need to edit are the following:

Not set
Not set
Not set
Not set
Not set
Not set
MMS Port
Not set
Authentication type
APN type

The 3.2 inches of screen space is plenty enough to have a good reading experience or navigating web pages and maps. However, here in the Philippines, the fun only lasts as long as you’re within range of a Wi-Fi hot spot. Outside of it and you’d be in the mercy of local telco’s lousy and frustrating mobile Internet services. The best spots are in Metro Manila while the in the provinces except for malls, it’s going to be a hit-and-miss as coverage are spotty and not that widespread.

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