Globe GCash Menu for free!

This morning, I recieved an SMS alert from Globe announcing an update to their GCash service. The message is in full below:

GCash now made easier! No need to text when you reg[isgter], send money or buy load. Just remember you PIN and navigate the GCash menu. To download the menu for FREE, go to Globe Svcs+ > myFavorites > Add Favorites > What’s Hot > GCash. Available for 64k SIMs and up.

For once they sent me a useful sms alert instead of tempting me to get those daily ring tones and stuff I really don’t need. Anyways, I tried it when I got back from school and it worked! GCash is now in my Globe Svcs menu making it a lot easier and faster to use GCash.

Another benefit from this is the added security. In the old way, you have to create an SMS message in a pre-formatted way which really was cumbersome and annoying at times. Plus, with the ‘Sent Items/Messages’ folder standard in almost every mobile phone model nowadays, the message containing your GCash PIN is stored and can be easy pickings for evil-doers.

Now that the GCash menu is available, no more security threats to your PIN and no more using hard-to-remember SMS formats. My only problem now is, funding that GCash account of mine because if it’s empty, the menu is all but useless.

Nonetheless, it’s a great upgrade overall. Try it out, whip out your Globe phones and add the GCash menu to your Globe Services.

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2 thoughts on “Globe GCash Menu for free!

  1. you said> the menu is all but useless

    90% of the people are on pre-paid.

    when they run of out balance, even the keypad on their phone is mostly use-less.

    what do you want – a maid to go and add funds for you?

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