Globe doubles Internet Bandwidth – Have connections improved?

Last Tuesday, Yuga blogged about Globe Telecom’s new cable system which is a joint project with Tata Communications called Tata Global Network – Intra Asia (TGN-IA). The new cable system now connects Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Japan to the Philippines and will offer a total capacity of 3.84 Terabits per second.

It’s a good thing that it has been laid around areas not prone to earthquakes, remember the Taiwan quake of 2006 which practically rendered Globe’s internet services useless? Hopefully this will never happen again with this new cable system.

Also according to Yuga, here are the following benefits for us consumers:

  • Much less congestion in Globe’s network so subscribers are able to achieve their allocated bandwidth speeds.
  • Reduced latency for business customers. This is good for VOIP and network gaming. The route between Singapore to Japan will now have the lowest latency in Asia at only 63ms.
  • Alternative international cable network that will reduce incidents (like connectivity failures and congestions) caused by natural disasters like the Taiwan earthquake of 2006.

Question now is, would this be really felt by Globe broadband customers? Would we finally get the prescribed bandwidth allocation we are paying for?

I’ll be keeping a close eye on my internet speeds for a couple of weeks to see if the new cable system has been good to my connection, otherwise, a possible increase on broadband subscription rates to recover Globe’s $90 milllion spent for this project would not be acceptable.

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  1. I'm using Globe Wireless Broadband 512kbps data only service. I don't know if this "upgrade" should affect us (I think it should), but I doubt it will. This wireless service sucks. They always tell you that there is a 3g network restoration. So even if they "upgrade" 100x, if their current infrastructure is substandard, this will never be felt by the subscribers.

    I don't know how it goes for wired DSL subscribers.

  2. We're using Globe Innove and since the supposedly "upgrade", Internet connection went from worse to worst. Now I am not wondering what happened, the reason is very clear, there was an "upgrade". From 1/3 of paid connection (which is below the 2/3 ISP standard practice), it is, if I will guess, 1/4 or 1/5.

    Going back to Pre-Paid 56k modem connection is much better now, too bad, I don't have a working old modem. We need better Laws to govern these ISPs.

  3. @ JC: +1 on that. I've been thinking of switching ISPs since last year, but I'm not yet sold on PLDT myDSL.

    You're serious about going back to dial-up? I've been keeping my old D-Link dial-up modem for desperate times. 😉

  4. NTC should be doing something about this. When I was still on smartbro, I never got a good connection. For 11 months, all they were saying is there was a problem with the base station. I sent an email complaint to NTC. Now, I am planning to call NTC within this week to file another complaint against Globe. I just they will do something.

    Imagine, it took me almost 5 minutes to load this website??

  5. i am not using it…but the nearby internet cafe on our house uses it and the owner complains that nothing has actually improved. they experience more connection downtime than what globe has actually offered them.

  6. Nothing really changed for me.
    My Globe connection hasn’t given me any headaches ever since globe bumped me to 1 Mbps.

    The free modem upgrade was really a big surprise though ^_^

  7. p***** i**** globe. kapal ng mukha maganda daw at pwede kang mag online games un pla seach sa google di pa kya…. inutil… assholes cla….. i hope makarma cla…. sent many complains,, blogs,,,, lot more kung may site pra sa comments direct to globe lahat ng globe subcriber will sent everyday greeting "morning assholes" goodnyt and goodbye sa globe asshole!!!!!!!!!! abot and mundo??? puta!!!!!!!!

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