Globe broadband: slow, unreliable connection now with bandwidth cap

For the past five days, my Globe wired broadband connection has been acting up and remains to be at the 0.02Mbps to 0.20Mbps range. It’s no where near the 60% acceptable speed for a 1Mbps subscription. Heck, it feels like I’m back to using a dial-up!

Globe Broadband Speedtest - slower than dial-up
Ang lakas ng Globe!

On the three times that I’ve called Globe’s Customer Support hotline, I was told that the problem lies with their local network/system here in Cavite. Hopefully that is the truth. Otherwise, my gut feeling is that their recently-made-public ‘Fair Use Policy’ has been applied to my account.

Globe implemented a policy that promotes a more responsible way of using the Internet that will ensure fair and optimum usage of its broadband services across all subscribers.

They also add that the policy’s aim is to maintain:

quality of resources in order to provide subscribers with seamless, uninterrupted and reliable Internet connections.

Now bandwidth caps first became a buzz amongst bloggers back in January when a draft memorandum order from the NTC allowed ISPs to implement bandwidth caps.

My understanding was that the said proposed bandwidth caps were to apply only to wireless Internet services. Other users who are on a fixed line service like myself would be spared. Just to be sure, I sought clarification from a Globe Customer Support representative and at that time, it was categorically stated that indeed, those who are on a fixed line Internet subscription are exempted from the proposed bandwidth caps.

I haven’t been able to find a copy of that Fair Use Policy online and the only thing I know about it is it will affect users who download data in excess of 1 gigabyte a day.

It’s true that I am a heavy Internet user, streaming online videos from YouTube and TED everyday. Download and upload large files for a few freelance gigs I take on regularly. I also regularly download lots of manga and anime videos so my daily consumption of bandwidth easily goes beyond 1GB.

But now that Globe has made the public announcement that it has started to implement bandwidth caps through its Fair Use Policy, I want to be sure that indeed it only applies to wireless Internet users such as WiMax and Globe Tattoo or to all its broadband subscribers, those on fixed line services included.

Knowing this crucial information would be the basis of my next actions with regards to my use of Globe’s Internet services. Should I cut back on my digital consumption now that ‘unlimited Internet’ is over?

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  1. …and THIS is how Globe responds to the PLDT take over of SUN? Jeesh. They seem to be shooting themselves in the foot with this. So far, I’m ok with my BayanDSL (depends on the location AFAIK).

    I sincerely hope they (TelCos) won’t apply bandwidth caps to the wired accounts.

  2. Globe sucks! Before, connection problems were rare but now my internet keeps on disconnecting or slows down to dial up speed every night.

  3. We need to protest about this and show how unfair it is.

    We should get what we paid for and not suffer despite how much we might use it especially if we are a web designer who always uploads and downloads.

    if we use LOGIC, it is Globe who cannot please many customers, unless they upgrade their equipment to please more, so they are forcing those of us who stayed long, or are tied to their silly contracts they keep trying to renew on us without us knowing.

    We who can afford a higher speed are not standing in the way of other but it is globe who is unable to fulfill what they have given to you so they use the government as a “pork barrel” to get away with their fault and place the fault instead on you(us).

    Rufus B. Rodriguez, a congress man, lives in my area and if we can get more people to protest, i will be happy to give a complaint paper to his office so when he is home on the weekends he will receive it and take it back to manila with him.

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