Globe Broadband IP addresses blacklisted by Spamhaus Project

One of the most frustrating events a blogger or commenter could face on the net is being blocked or their comments being eaten by some anti-spam system employed by the blogs that they visit.

I for one had many of this incidents before. The latest was just a few minutes ago when I posted a comment on Aja Lapus’ blog post about Schools still teaching deprecated HTML. Aja’s blog is protected by Bad Behavior, an anti-spam plugin that is indeed powerful and effective. Yet it has received its fair share of complaints from bloggers because in some instances, it has blocked or eaten the comments by non-spammers or “false positives” even comments by the blog owners themselves.

Of course, I vouch that my laptop is spam and malware free so it’s a bit frustrating to know that I’m being blocked as a spammer. It’s a good thing that Bad Behavior displays a web page pointing to the Spamhaus Project explaining why my comment as blocked, because some anti-spam plugins simply swallow your comment and dumps it in the spam comments list.

Going back, I followed the links to the Spamhaus project and it turns out that it was my IP or Internet Protocol address that was blocked. Here below is the entirety of the explanation:

Ref: SBL63950 is listed on the Spamhaus Block List (SBL)
23-Mar-2008 10:14 GMT | SR01

Proxy Hijacker

Spammer operating from, hijacking PCs in other networks for spamming.


Removal Procedure
To have record SBL63950 ( removed from the SBL, the Abuse/Security representative of (or the Internet Service Provider responsible for connectivity to needs to contact the SBL Team to explain how the spam problem has been terminated. If the spam problem that caused this listing has been terminated we will normally remove the listing from the SBL.

So, a spammer using the same ISP as I do has been using the network or the set of IP addresses which the one I’m currently using right now to spread spam over the internet. Damn it!

There’s little I could for now because the problem, or rather the solution itself rests on my ISP, Globe Broadband to contact the SBL Team and work out a solution so that the IP range in question be cleaned and removed from the block list. Question now is, will Globe Broadband do something about it? Are they even aware of this issue?

Last month, I recall receiving a phone call from a Globe Broadband representative asking my if I was aware of anti-spamming techniques to protect my computer from attacks. This was part of their effort in ‘cleaning up’ their network to provide a ‘better broadband internet service to their customers’.

It seems that they either missed a spot or they need to clean up their networks again. This may be an issue isolated to blogs being protected by Bad Behavior because Akismet-protected blogs are not flagging my comments, as far as I can tell. I wonder if other Globe Broadband users are having the same or similar problems. I suppose it’s time to give them a wake up call once more.

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  1. Sorry about that Jhay. I had a similar experience years ago when I can't even visit my own homepage because BB is blocking my PLDT myDSL IP address. Good thing PLDT owns many IP address blocks so when I reconnected to the Internet (and therefore change from one IP block to another), I could again access blogs protected by BB.

  2. @Aja Lapus – It cannot be helped. These things are really just out of our control. I had the same problems when I was using BB on this blog too. Had the plugin removed and resorted back to Akismet since then.

    I'm still thinking of contacting Globe Broadband about this, but I have a feeling it will be one heck of a phone call as I'll have to explain everything to the agent who'll pick up my call. 😆

  3. Globe isp really suck big time but since there are just few isp's in the philippines where ports can be used for the servers we can't do anything about it.

    I have been having problems with globe telecoms in our company where mostly I can only get Globe ISP due to location problems.

    The problems i have are:

    globe to globe access – connecting from one branch to main office there is a routing problem where i cannot access port 25, port 80 and other stuff but internet is ok to other sites

    lack of filters – one day when you wake up the IP POOL is blocked by UCE and you need to wait for several days or even months!

    Intermittent connection 3 times in 1 week!

    Spammers every where! your ip is compromised home and business lines have same ip pool ( maybe in some locations ) wake up!

  4. Searching on this IP address, I bumped into your blog. Apparently I received an email telling bad things about me (apparently the person knows a little about what I do). When I tried to search his location, I got your IP address. The person is still using this IP address up to now. What the?! Can someone explain how a "colleague" of mine could get this fave IP address for spamming? 🙁

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