Global warming now causing extinctions

The recent wave of super typhoon that has rampaged through the Philippines could partly be explained by global warming. If one has noticed it, Milenyo and Reming had more winds that are stronger than ever before than rain which explains why so many houses and infrastructure were blown away instead of being submerged in floodwater.

Recalling my ecology class, if the planet is warmer, and it is, it causes more typhoons, cyclones and tornadoes because a warmer planet leads to a warmer atmosphere, which in turn yields to faster winds. Simply because warmer air is less dense and therefore is more easily carried around the planet thanks to its rotation and other factors.

We humans suffer this ugly end of global warming, already we are easily overwhelmed and could barely cope with its damages to material and human life. How you ever wondered though, how global warming affects the other animals and plants that share this planet with us?

The video below is just one of the most visible and earliest signs that every living organism in this planet is affected by global warming, with often lethal consequences.

Some say that global warming’s effects would be felt years in the future and not now. A recent new study as reported in the National Geographic website has a different story; Scientists say that Global warming is already causing extinctions. From Polar Bears in the Arctic regions, to the Harlequin frogs native to the cloud forests of Costa Rica down to the Emperor penguins in the Antarctic. All are suffering and struggling to survive in this planet that is rapidly changing thanks to our human activities.

We may be recoiling from the ravages of super typhoons, complaining about power brownouts, wishing for a box of that special donut, fearing the loss of internet connections and all the inconveniences it brings, but somewhere else in the planet, animals and plants are dying and disappearing from existence. And all of us has a hand in it.

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  2. Nice informative post. So is global warming also the cause why we still have typhoons so late in the year? I live in Cambodia. Last year, it was already quite cool by this time. Now, it's unbelievably hot… almost like summer.

  3. Yes it is. Global warming also causes rapid climate change. Here in the Philippines, it's supposed to be cold because it's Christmas season, but now it's like summer during the day. These are just the early warning signs of global warming. Trouble is, little has been done to address it, especially by the developed nations.

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  5. 😯 I am SHOCKED and very UNHAPPY to see that this is what is really happing to the animals of our world. 😑 I would like to have a word with the people that our causing this to happen, and I'm ony 12 years old.

    πŸ™ This makes me very sad to see this mainly because, I love animals. Their my life. I love to around them because they make me smile. Love them to death but if their gone, what animal will I have to love?


    Uhappy Animal Lover πŸ™ πŸ˜₯

  6. I am very angry at what us humans have done to the earths atmosphere i think it is very bad i don't like that we are slowy killing earth and the animals! after really bad global warming effects are done we'll be in the ice age which i hope i'm dead for when it happens but yeah i think we should at least try and do somthing about it and i love animals too always want to save them and yeah i'm out very unhappy animal lover

  7. There are several simple things we can do to help prevent global warming and it's a bit sad to know that not enough people are taking the time to initiate these changes.

    Thanks for the informative post! πŸ™‚

  8. global warming is happening..yet, too many people are not making actions to solve or lessen it. It's only self-discipline that will make a big difference in replenishing the earth that was ravished by us. Come on pals, let's work hand and hand for the sake of the earth and the next generation… PLANT TREES!!!

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