Global warming means more super typhoons

Before I begin to discuss the main topic of this post, I’d like to call on every member of the Lasallian family, particularly from De La Salle University – Dasmariñas, and fellow Caviteños to donate Food (Canned Goods, Noodles and other kinds with long shelf life) and Water for the victims of super typhoon Reming’s rampage over the Bicol region during this past weekend.

Other useful goods like old clothes, blankets, beddings and other basic items still in fair to good condition may also be donated for the relief operations.

Cash or monetary donations are also accepted but please contact and coordinate with the Lasallian Community Development Center for the details of your cash/monetary donations. Food, Water and basic items are the priority as of this moment.

For students, faculty and staff of DLSU-D, kindly bring your donations to the LCDC office located at the 2nd Floor of the SBC Building.

For further details and coordination, please use the following contact information:

Lasallian Community Development Center
De La Salle University-Dasmariñas
Dasmariñas, Cavite
2 nd Floor, SBC Building

Telephone Numbers:(046) 416-4531 local 3068 (046) 416-4596 (direct line)

Thank you and let us move together in helping our brothers and sisters in need. Animo La Salle!


Now on to the main point of this post. This will be short, I assure you. The recent waves of super typhoons that have struck our country, “Milenyo”, “Queenie” and just recently “Reming” one cannot help but wonder that how come typhoons have become more powerful, destructive and hard to predict. It can be aptly said that, ‘nature has really gone nuts!’

Well, there are only two words for it; Global Warming.

The trend in our present times, as well as have been in the last hundreds of years is that global temperatures are on the rise. In a rapid and alarming rate to be precise. Scientists have long observed and voiced this out but we have hardly listened to them until now that we are starting to really feel its effects.

I highly suggest watching Al Gore’s documentary/lecture film, “An Inconvenient Truth” – a concise, compelling and easy-to-digest source on the ins and outs and consequences of global warming. You could watch it online via Google Video, the wait for the whole three-hours’ length of the documentary to fully load is well worth it.

In it, Al Gore showed how the rising global temperatures, rising global ocean temperatures – to be precise – is what’s giving birth to all these super typhoons here in the Pacific, like Milenyo and Reming, and to more powerful hurricanes in the Atlantic, like “Katrina.”

With the rise in the temperatures of the world’s oceans, there is also an increase in the amount of moisture that evaporates from them, more moisture means more rain. Aside from the increase in moisture due to the higher temperatures, winds are now growing stronger than ever before. Combine that with more and more mositure from the warming up oceans, wait for the right conditions and super typhoon will be given birth. Ready to wreak havoc and unprecendented destruction to human lives and property.

Some would say these ‘natural phenomena’ or ‘calamities’ are unavoidable and some would even say these are God’s way of punishing us humans. I don’t know about you, but the God I believe does not want his people to suffer such hardships and tragedies. The God I believe in is the God of love, not hate and destruction. Such typhoons may not be avoidable but it sure is now a fact that we humans have the capabaility to influence it, sadly to our detriment.

Our wanton destruction, over exploitation of the Earth’s resources, unsustainable lifestyles and practices and the lack of political will to address this has given us global warming and it in turn is out to destroy us.

All is not lost for there is hope. We have the means, the resources, the technologies, and the man-power to avert this impending global crisis. What we lack is simply the political and collective will to use all these to face this problem head-on, look around us though. Look at the tragedies in Bicol, look at the sad sad stories in Africa, recall that Polar Bears are now more in danger of extinction than ever before. Do we need more reasons before we would act?

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  2. On a personal opinion, natural disasters like typhoons are nature’s way of keeping the balance of the forces that surround our environment. If that means lessening the number of people thriving on a particular place, then it is, sad it may be.

  3. I would like to support this drive of the LaSallian Community Development Center to help the victims of Typhoom Reming in the Bicol Region. For De La Salle University-Taft Students, please coordinate with the LCDC office and student volunteers.

    I know everyone have a soft side still 🙂 Let’s all join hands and help them out, I will be glad to join hands with Ateneo as well, but just for this cause hehehe* (Still Green!)

  4. more super typhoons, ice caps melting, global warming… yey! earth will soon have another mass extinction and a new era will rise!! i think we people had done so much damage in this earth so i’m fine with the nature doing it’s turn. strange days on planet earth on NGC was right.. this world is beginning to be acting a little stranger than usual. damn us people.

  5. i agree to what you said. its us human who devastates out nature, we brought chaos, war, destruction. 👿 all of us are mean because we only think for our good and not the good of others. 😀 we are mortals and time will come each one of us will be erased in this world. and whats left on our descendants? nothing? 😡

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