Global Voices in Filipino Launches

A wonderful news came from one of Editors of Global Voices Online – it is the launch of the Global Voices in Filipino portal. That’s right! Global Voices is now available in the Filipino languages so that more Pinoys everywhere would have more access to the citizen-generated content from around the world. This is under the Global Voices Lingua site program wherein localized versions of Global Voices are made available to non-English speaking readers and netizens.

Stories and features from other non-English Global Voices portals would be translated into Filipino allowing more Pinoys to join in the global conversation. With this, I am pleased and honored to join the translation team to help in keeping the portal up and running.

For those who are interested to join the Lingua volunteer team for Global Voices in Filipino are invited to fill up the application form here.

Filipino readers are also invited to come and visit the portal as there are already tons of content readily available to read in our own language.

We are also inviting enthusiasts, fellow bloggers, netizens and readers to help in spreading word about Global Voices in Filipino.

As we say in Global Voices in Filipino, ‘nagsasalita ang mundo, nakikinig ka ba?‘ (The world is talking, are you listening?)

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  1. awesome! good vibes going on with the global voices team and GV filipino. i hope the local portal grows much larger in the future, both in terms of readership and number of posts!

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