Glad to see that SERVE is in good hands

When I took a leave of absence for the 1st semester, one of the greatest concerns for my self and my fellow volunteers were who would lead SERVE? Despite the worries, I took faith in my fellow senior volunteers and trusted in their skills, talents and above-all, dedication and commitment to the organization. For it’s my belief that no matter how much you possess of the former, what’s really important is the latter.

SERVE Volunteers 2010
SERVE volunteers - alumni, residents and new recruits

Last Saturday, during the Initial Common Experience (aka General Assembly) for new SERVE volunteers, I saw plenty of commitment and dedication from the senior volunteers now in charge of the organization.

It was the very first time that they managed a major activity all on their own, with completely no directions or intervention from me. It wasn’t the best but it was a great success. They took the activity as their own as they introduced team-building activities that were new to the group, yet effective and fun. Though there were a few rough edges, it’s forgivable since this was the first time they were completely on their own.

There were 14 new volunteers present. Most were silent yet cooperative, which is only natural because they are new recruits and they’ve met each other only then. But in each one, I know that they have enjoyed themselves and I’m confident that they’d stay long in the organization. That in itself is a great victory for the senior volunteers.

Now I look forward to the upcoming Self-Awareness Seminar and Advanced Leadership Training this August. The lessons the seniors learned in conducting a training activity would certainly make the upcoming activity exciting and fun. Hopefully, I’d be able to join them along with the other alumni.

Congratulations to the seniors!

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