Getting obsessed with the pill organizer

Since I’m on medication for a week to treat my laryngopharyngitis, I decided to use a pill organizer to help me take the right medicine on time. Also, keeping track of what to take and when is getting harder and harder for me. Taking more than one pill makes the whole thing even more confusing.

Good thing the pill organizer was still in the drawer. It’s been more than a year when I last saw it there. Though no one has used it since then, one of the seven cases was missing, which is typical of our household where things mysteriously vanish as the years go by.

Pill organizer
Where is the red pill?

So after sorting all my pills and capsules using the organizer I kinda felt a little depressed. ‘So this is how sick I am?‘ Seeing all those pills spread out before brought on the idea that someday when I get really old and even more sick, this organizer would be stuffed with all sorts of pills of different sizes, colors and even shapes. Would I even need more than one organizer? Enough of that for now.

A more immediate concern for me is how this pill organizer has put my obsessive-compulsiveness into high gear. Even before I got all my pills sorted out, I found myself holding the organizer in my two hands and staring at it for minutes on end. Looking at how the individual containers were divided into four compartments each with its own cover with awe and admiration. How each individual cover is labeled ‘MORN’, ‘NOON’, ‘EVE’ AND ‘BED’ with a corresponding equivalent in Braille. And each container fit snugly and securely in the tray which has the days of the week printed on top edge.

I was supposed to put the organizer on top of my drawer but since yesterday, it has been on my desk just an arm’s reach from my laptop. Every now and then I’d pick it up and stare at it again and again. Let me be clear that it’s not the pills that keep getting my attention. It’s the way those pills are kept organized in their own compartments and the sound they make each time they hit the plastic walls as I move or tilt the organizer.

And once I have taken all of those pills, what will I put in it next? Gum? Candies? Paper clips cannot fit in. I don’t even have paper clips. My guess is that it will just be put back in the drawer until it’s needed again. By then I will have to look for other things to organize just to soothe my obsessive-compulsiveness.

It’s weird I know but at least I’m not after the pills. Or am I? 😉

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