Genetically-modified peanut butter

peanut butterWell it’s a guess, that would probably come true in the next 3-5 years from now. The go signal has been given to scientists to create genetically-modified peanuts that are more nutritious, more resistant to pests, less allergic to those who are allergic to peanuts and easier to grow and cultivate.

The signal came from the peanut industry led by the American Peanut Council, (Yes, such organization does exists.) They say that competitors from China and India have been working a lot lately on genetically modified peanuts, it’s now America’s time to do it. The beauty of the free economy; in the quest for more profits certain things would have to fly out the window, like social and health concerns about GMOs or genetically-modified organisms.

Now genetic engineering per se is not bad, heck; we’re using it right now to treat certain cancers and birth-defects. Scientists just have to do their homeworks better so that decision makers can make the best of out them. You never know what GMOs can do to your body or to other creatures on this planet, so it will be greatly beneficial to be extra careful about tinkering with the genes of any living organism.

That includes peanuts, and in turn its derivative peanut butter. That yummy brown paste that is the essential ingredient of the peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, and for us Filipinos Kare-kare.

We may think that this is only the first instance where science and genetic engineering will work on peanuts. We better guess again as not so long ago, the Peanut Collaborative Research Support Program (P- CRSP) which is funded by the US Agency for International Development (AID) has worked with the National Food Authority/Food Development Center (NFA/FDC) and University of the Philippines (UP) to put peanut butter in a better social use. They developed a technology to fortify peanut butter with Vitamin A so as to make the delivery of this important vitamin to the people, particularly among children. Lack of Vitamin A is a leading cause of blindness amongst them. Noble isn’t it? Let’s just hope and remind scientists that after they have tinkered with the peanuts, it better be good for all of us.

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