Gaming news: Game 3.0, mind control, WOW and death

Here’s a round-up of the latest news about the gaming industry.

Web 2.0 Is Old News! Sony Gives You Game 3.0 according to

With a not-so-good performance sales of Sony’s PlayStation 3 console, the industry leader has pulled something out of its sleeve; Game 3.0.

What does Game 3.o specifically mean though? Sony unveiled a new real-time 3D avatar-based community and communication service for the PS3 platform. The new service, Home, puts users into a real-time, networked 3D community, where they can interact, join online games, communicate, share content and even build and show off their own personal spaces. Home will be available this fall as a free download from the PS3 Store. Other notable features include:

• Making your own personalized 3D character or avatar. These realistic human characters are highly customizable with different body types, skin tones, ages, clothing and accessories, creating a unique personality for each user.

• Exploring the 3D community that is Home – a sleek, modern indoor space featuring spacious common areas, retail shops, game lobbies and extensible, customizable personal apartments.

• Communicating with others through text, audio and video chat, along with sophisticated emotional animations for each character.

• Being assigned an apartment in Home where others can be invited to join you as you show off your own style in an area you can personalize yourself with furniture, art and other items. You can even show your video, pictures and music content stored on your PS3 hard drive.

• “Hall of Fame,” where you can display new 3D trophies that will be unlocked through in-game milestones in PS3 games.

So it’s like The Sims 2 and Second Life rendered in 3D but playable only in the PS3? What’s so ground-breaking about that? What about your friends who don’t have a PS3 or let alone afford one? Is this move really by Sony?

Moving on, the second gaming news is about Blizzard’s World of Warcraft surpassing the 8.5 million user-mark. WOW! 😉

Blizzard Entertainment reported Wednesday that its expansion pack to the hit game World of Warcraft, The Burning Crusade, had sold through about 3.5 million copies in its first month of release, from mid-January to mid-February. That translates into a total of 8.5 million World of Warcraft players worldwide.

Here in the Philippines however, DOTA or the Defense of the Ancients still remains king of WOW line of games and expansions that has gotten almost every gamer young and old hooked and addicted.

Speaking of addiction, another young gamer in China has died due to non-stop gaming.

Obsessive online gaming has claimed another victim after a young man in China collapsed and dies following a marathon gaming session.

The 26-year-old man, from the Liaoning Province in North East China, had been playing ‘almost all’ week during the Chinese Spring Festival, reports the China Daily. Obesity, as well as gaming, was blamed for his death – the man identified only as ‘Zhang’ weighed 150kg (23.5 stone) and it is believed his heart struggled to pump blood throughout his enormous body, states the paper.

Talk about gaming addiction. It’s a good thing no such incident has happened here in the Philippines, yet. Still, something must be done to address this issue as early as now. Perhaps a law regulating the internet cafe business in the country? Or a law regulating gamers instead, especially those still under the legal age?

Before I sound more draconian Nintendo DS users and fans of SimCity rejoice! For Electronic Arts has announced that they would be releasing a version of their popular game for the handheld gaming device from Nintendo this summer.

The pioneering computer game Latest News about computer games “SimCity,” first written for the Commodore 64 in 1985, is being released this summer for the Nintendo Latest News about Nintendo DS platform, game publisher Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: ERTS) Latest News about Electronic Arts (EA) said Thursday.

One of the most popular games of all time, “SimCity” involves the planning, creation and control of virtual cities and their residents. It was the predecessor of “The Sims” and other legendary reality-simulation games.

The Nintendo DS version will take advantage of the dual-screen portable unit’s unique control and interaction features, according to EA. Multiple players will be able to communicate by using the DS’ “wireless data exchange” feature, said EA.

Imagine that, playing God and controlling a metropolis right in your palms. :mrgreen:

Lastly, the future and science-fiction has once more taken a step into becoming practical reality as mind control for video games is now a working technology thanks to a gaming helmet from Emotiv Systems.

Video game players might soon use their thoughts instead of joysticks to control on-screen characters, if they wear a helmet released Wednesday by Emotiv Systems Inc.

The “Project Epoc” headset looks like a bicycle racer’s helmet, but instead of protecting the skull, it detects the brainwaves inside it, using technology similar to electroencephalography found in medical settings.

Emotiv, a privately-held startup firm in San Francisco, has applied the technology to video games with the company’s first product, the Emotiv Development Kit (EDK). The kit allows game developers to attach dozens of thoughts and emotions to the actions in their virtual worlds, Emotiv said

What if we combine this mind control technology with the Wii? 😉 More gaming-related injuries and damaged properties would occur? I hope not. I think this mind control gaming technology would be the next big thing, just imagine if you could use it to play MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, Second Life, Ragnarok etc without lifting a controller and just sitting in your chair or lying on your bed. The possibilities are just endless.

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