From uMobile to Red Mobile

Anyone else who got a phone call from uMobile reps? I did. Two phone calls actually, the first was yesterday afternoon and the second was just today shortly past lunch time. According to the agents who called, uMobile is gone and Red Mobile will replace it. Soon, between yesterday and November 24, my new Red Mobile SIM would be delivered to my home.

Yuga has more insider/expert info on this re-branding for uMobile, apparently, uMobile failed to achieve its key goals in order to survive like the 10,000 user base in a year. The hype was all good and all, but operational problems spelled out their doom. Like I blogged before, I rarely used my uMobile SIM ever since I got it last June.

I was excited back then because of the free credits that they’ll give out regularly in return for viewing their ads. Not bad, but because of inter-connection problems with Globe other networks, plus being amongst the very few other uMobile users in the country, it wasn’t worth it.

Oh well, hopefully this re-branding into Red Mobile will bring something new to the table. I say to them folks behind Red Mobile, the best of luck!

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  1. 😯

    I have received a call from Umobile last nov. 14. and they said that they will replacing my umobile sim to red mobile on nov. 16 – 20 and be delivered at my address.. but until now, i havnt received any Red MOBile sim yet.?? Pag nakuha ko na daw ang sim ko eh may free P200 load daw ako. til 6 months kaya itong free load na ito? answers pls.

    saan kaya nakakabili ito? im so excited

  2. pls email me naman.. i havent received a call from umobile…wala na sya signal..d pa naman expired yung sim…tsk tsk tsk…will they still send me one even if i didnt receive a call? do i need to reload my umobile sim first so it doesnt get deactivated or should i just wait for my redmobile sim? without worrying of deactivation..tnx!

    1. @gar – Some uMobile sim users have not yet received a phone call too, so you're not alone. I guess you'll have to wait a little longer or contact their customer support service via their website.

      The interruption of service (no signal) is part of their transition process. If I recall it right, their services would be restored by the last week of November.

  3. so it means i cant use my redmobile sim if ever i would receive in replacement of my umobile sim because my phone is not 3g… tsk tsk tsk…

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