From Pinoy Explorer to the BioTech Chronicles

As you may have noticed by now, my blog carries a new name, instead of Pinoy Explorer it now says BioTech Chronicles.

Are you seeing things? Well no, I’m renaming this blog to the BioTech Chronciles for the following reasons of which I will explain to the fullest of my abilities.

The name Pinoy Explorer, never rubbed off on me. It was fanciful but looking back at the past seven months of this blog’s existence, I’ve never really done justice to the name. I even consulted my non-blogging friends on this and they say the same thing. When they hear the name Pinoy Explorer before seeing the site, they have preconceptions that I have stories about my nature trips, expeditions, science experiments etc coupled with pictures there of.

Sure those are preconceptions but I find myself in the same standing as my anonymous-non-commenting-non-blogging friends/readers. Though I’d love to live up to the name, as of now I’m unable to do so. I’m still stuck in the classroom-laboratory setting of the University and I don’t even have my own digital camera. I have stories to tell, lots of them, still about science, biology, the web and other geeky stuff but I feel that the old name still didn’t fit me, it didn’t fit this blog.

So after soul searching, browsing through my files, notes and notebooks, both online and offline, I decided to pick up the name BioTech Chronicles. Seeing as I often write about what I’ve learned in class, the laboratories, the daily experiences, the hours-long web browsing and a few daydreams, and how articles about these topics were first concieved by sudden braingasms (thanks to the Man-blog for the awesome term) and then went through their gestation period inside my handy-dandy notebooks, especially my recently acquired moleskine notebooks before finally given birth by being published here on this blog of mine.

With this new name, of which I’m more at home with, I was able to revise and improve my ‘About this blog‘ page, which outlines the nature and purpose of writing this blog. Do check it out and let me know of you think.

As a few finals notes for now, I’ve already updated my RSS feed links. The old one has 29 days to go before it is wiped out from Feedburner’s servers so please update your feed readers.

Friends and fellow bloggers whom I share linkloves; please update my links from your blogs as well. It’s still the same domain,, but this time it’s named the “BioTech Chronicles.”

Thank you and long live the blogosphere!

7 Replies to “From Pinoy Explorer to the BioTech Chronicles”

  1. would you not consider writing about just anything? kasi biotech…err ang seryoso. but if that's what you really intend edi cge lang 😀

    edited your link 😀

  2. Your suggestions were very much considered. 😉

    Actually, divine providence ata, naka-chat ko yung mentor ko nung highschool kagabi. Sinermonan niya ako at nakumbinse niya akong gamitin uli ang Four-eyed Journal.

    Kwento ko bukas, nakakapagod magbago ng design.

  3. Aha! Okay, I'll update my links tomorrow.

    Re: header graphic — Is that a Moleskine? OMG it is. XDDDDD We should start a Moleskine fan club or something.

  4. @ Mia: Yup, it's Moleskine notebook, calendar planner to be precise. A Moleskine fanclub would be a nice idea. I'll mention it to J Angelo, he's a fellow moleskine afficionado.

    @ Cai: Thanks for the vote and for the visit! 😀

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