Friendster Blogs 2.0 – now powered by WordPress

Finally, Friendster has leaped into the modern age and has upgraded its little-known blogging component, Friendster Blogs.

We’d like to introduce you to your new blog on Friendster! We’ve been very busy building out Friendster Blogs 2.0 and your blog has been moved to the new blogging platform. It’s ready for you to customize, edit, and add even more content to it!
Some things you should know about your new blog:

  • Your blog has been moved to the new platform.
  • It is likely that your blog layout or colors may not appear exactly as they were on your old blog, you can edit or add new customizations to your blog by clicking the ‘Design’ tab or ‘Change Theme’ button when you access your blog from your home page.
  • All of the photos you’ve uploaded to your old blog will soon be moved to your new blog. When they are moved, they will be in your Blogs Media Library (Manage –> Media Library). Don’t worry, we’ll move all your photos for you! We plan to have this complete by September 17th.

Friendster blogs 2.0
Friendster blogs 2.0

That new blogging platform is none other than the ever so popular WordPress. I’m not really a WP guru but from the looks of it, they’re using the latest version of WP MU. Good job to the Friendster Blogs team for seamlessly integrating WordPress’ dashboard into Friendster itself.

Now the Friendster blogs would load almost instantly unlike before where I would usually give up on it have forgotten about blogging on Friendster because it just takes ages for the blog to load. They have a decent amount of themes available though not as extensive as the collection found in blogs. I’m sure though that many more themes will be coming soon.

The need to maintain or open a or account if they want to go into blogging would diminish and I think there would be a resurgence of activity in Friendster, because these past few years of giving comments customizing one’s profile (usually to the detriment of the visitor’s browser or eyes), recycling memes over and over again on the Bulletin board, it’s been really boring! Hopefully this brilliant upgrade would entice more Filipinos to blog because almost every online Pinoy has a Friendster account.

But is it already too late for Friendster? Based on what I’ve seen, has beaten them to it.

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  1. Yeah, I like much better as well anyway.. better service, easier functionality, I think they are gonna take it. Even after recent improvements of friendster. But you never know in this industry…

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