Friday linklove: Blogging tips, DNA tests, paranoia, free books and gay album covers

It’s Friday and what better way to end the work week with a healthy dose of link love from the Four-eyed Journal.

Here’s what’s been buzzing in the Four-eyed Blogroll:

Blogging Tips by ProBlogger in the latest installment of his ‘What we wish I knew when I first started Blogging’ Series. How to Write Excellent Blog Content. He once again emphasizes on creating list-based blog posts that are among the most viral of blog posts.

Which reminds me; I really need to work on creating good lists. Most of my posts are like op-ed columns!

Reluctance to DNA testing is taken on by Eye on DNA. She weighs in on the Perceptions of Genetic Testing and presents in a logical and calmed stance her take on some of the negative reasons people shy away from genetic testing.

Tests are not that bad. They help individuals and families prepare for what’s to come. Even if they become paranoid or emotionally disturbed by the test results, it’s enough reason to have disdain of them, counseling is what they need instead. There may be no cure today, but the knowledge gathered from tests all add up to the resources future scientists could work on to create cures or remedies.

We may not have benefited today, but our sons and daughters will.

Speaking of paranoias, Noemi was asked by her daughter “Are you paranoid, mom?” because of the presence of fire extinguishers in every room of their house. She does justify why those safety equipments are there, and I agree with Ade that one can never be too careful.

However, most Filipino families could ill-afford fire extinguishers or smoke-detectors at home. They’d rather spend it for food, tuition and other necessities.

I don’t mean to sound rude or negative, but it’s just the way things are in this country.

The poor worry about living through the next day while the well-off worry about kicking the bucket too soon.

Freebies! Yes, free full text books to be exact as Jam blogs about a site where we can download full books in html format for saving and printing. I wonder if the texts we use in classes this semester are included in their catalog. Still, nothing beats the price of something that is free.

Finally, something that will crack you up courtesy of Rob and The Blogosphere; The Wost Album Covers Ever Created. Just head on over to his blog and you’d almost fall off your chair laughing. Good one Rob!

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