Fix broken bones fast with Injectable Bone

It may sound something out of science fiction, but now it exists in real life.

Being developled by U.K. company, RegenTec, ‘Injectible Bone‘ aims to help the healing of broken or fractured bones faster compared to other methods being used today.

The proprietary mix of ceramic and polylactic acid is called, for now, Injectable Bone.

At room temperature, it is an inert white powder. Once injected into a break site with a needle stick, however, the body’s higher temperature causes the two materials to fuse together in a hard, spongy mass much like living bone.

Injectable Bone isn’t the only bone glue out there. Others exist, although they have some problems. In some cases they harden in a solid mass or raise body temperature at the injection site enough to damage nearby tissue.

Injectable Bone could actually encourage bone growth, when bone-producing cells and growth-encouraging drugs are mixed in with the powder mixture. The cells fill up the holes with natural bone as the Injectable Bone degrades into lactic acid, a compound produced naturally by the body.

Boy, I wish this was available when I broke my arm back when I was 10, it would’ve saved me months of being wrapped up in rock-solid cast and bandages that were a nightmare when it became itchy.

Hopefully, it would be affordable to the common folk once it becomes commercially available worldwide.

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