First feature film shot on DSLR – Searching for Sonny

The digital age is truly awesome! While this summer we will get to see lots of good movies like Transformers 2, Terminator Salvation and Harry Potter and The Half-blood Prince, there’s something else that would tickle the fancy of geeks and digital photographers from noobs to the pros.

It’s the first ever full feature film to be shot on a Digital SLR camera, Searching for Sonny. It is written and directed by one Andrew Disney and shot by Jeffrey Waldron using the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Nikon fanboys like my self should would be glad to know that Andrew and his team used Nikon lenses for this film. I guess Nikkor lenses are better than their Canon counterparts. đŸ˜‰

Check out the teaser below:

I’m already excited about this film. Hopefully, it will be shown here in the Philippines as it will inspire a lot of photographers and indie film makers to try something new and explore new gadgets and techniques in film making.

For those who are itching to know, here are equipments used in making this film:

  • Nikon lenses, most of the shots here are 50mm.
  • Kino Gaffer Kit
  • Arri Package, 1K, 650, and an inky
  • Doorway dolly with two sets of 8 foot track
  • One 4×4 frame with opal
  • One 4×4 Black Flag
  • One 3X2 Black Flack

Check out their website here and be on the lookout for a full trailer on April 15th.

Hat tips to engadget and riancastillo from the Digital Photographer Philippines forums.

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