Firefox on Full screen mode (F11)

Try it. Hit F11 on the Firefox window of your choice and presto! It’s now on full screen mode removing the menu and tool bars and even the status bar from view.

Firefox on Full screen modeIn this way, you can fully focus on the web page you’re working on like reading lots of online text or in my case, writing this post in full screen mode. It’s a workaround to the inability of who doesn’t use the rich-text editor in WordPress to still enjoy writing their posts in full-screen mode. Well sort of.

Anyways, it’s a good way of getting free from the distractions of your desktop when doing online work, like blogging, blog-hopping, reading online text, even watching online videos. It could even give you massive over doses of your favorite online media sites or services. Can’t get enough of your friends’ Plurks? Try Plurking in full screen mode. That way you won’t feel over whelmed by all the sudden rush of new plurks and responses.

The full screen mode really grabs hold of your desktop. Even IM notification pop-ups and private message windows do not pop-up from no where. You do hear the alert sounds but Firefox keeps them behind your browser. Pretty neat for someone like me who has a little tendency to relapse into his short-attention span days. 😛

Still, you can navigate to other windows by using the ALT+Tab key should you really need to. I haven’t tried Internet Explorer in full screen mode as well as the other browsers on my notebook like Opera and Safari. Though I doubt I’ll have a taste of what it’s like in IE because it’s been a year since I last used the darn browser at home.

Well that’s it for this little write-up about another neat feature of Firefox. It’s nothing special but something that could really do wonders for some of us who wants to really focus on things we’re working on, literally, once in a while.

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  1. Hey, Firefox 2 kept the tab headers locked at the top of the screen when you hit F11 (this was really handy for CTRL-Tab'ing through the tabs).

    However, in Firefox 3 the tab headers complete disappear off the screen 🙁

    Anyone, know how to lock them in 3?

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